Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas


I truly am ready to share some recent projects with y'all, but the weather has a whole different idea. We have had rain and cloudy conditions for what seems for-ev-er. We had only a day and a half break last week and then nothing but dark skies since. Plus it doesn't help when my camera decides not to work correctly so it went to the shop yesterday and I found out the metering doesn't work. Well, gosh I need that to let more light in. So until I have brighter days and a fixed camera I thought I would share some of my past centerpiece ideas for a Thanksgiving table since it is certainly time to plan your table.

In 2010 I used a runner, a cake stand for height with faux pumpkins, acorns and leaves and two Pottery Barn candle holders filled with acorns.

In 2013 I started with a grain sack then added a large tray filled with real princess pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, fall leaves, pods and more. This was one of my favorite looks.

Even Mr. Squirrel helped out holding a boo pumpkin and acorns.

Then again in 2013 I added some pheasants and the place settings.

My daughter was actually the host in 2013 and I helped her out since she wasn't use to hosting a large crowd. I loaded up my stuff and set her tables. Grocery store flowers make a simple centerpiece.

This was another simple look at her house. Just some more flowers stuck in a glass vase and a cute little turkey.

Table number three was smaller and didn't leave a lot of room for a centerpiece, but more grocery store flowers tucked in a vintage mason jar filled the bill.

Apparently last year I was lazy and didn't even set a make believe table in my house. 
This year it's my turn to host my family again and I am working on what to use on my tables this year.
 Are you hosting this year?

I can't believe how quickly this week went by.
 We are going to go see Mr. Daniel Craig in his last 007 movie.
 I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!

PS: If it's sunny where you are you might get an unexpected guest....just sayin.

Be sure to see behind the scenes on Instagram.

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  1. Great tablescapes both elegant and simple...Enjoy the movie...we are getting rain tomorrow...:(

  2. Love them all, but the pheasant's are amazing:) Very stunning!

  3. Same here weather wise! Where is the sun? My camera works, but I still need natural light for photos. I have not figured out all of the manual settings. Ha! Funny thing, I woke up this morning thinking about my Thanksgiving table. Clearly I have no serious problems if I just think about tabletops. Ha! Aheila

  4. All the tables were lovely. Your autumn plates and pheasant complete the look.

  5. I saw those pheasants yesterday and I want them.

  6. Great inspiration Kim! I hope you get your camera back soon.

  7. I'm having a small group but I haven't decided what to do with teh table yet! Have a nice weekend!!

  8. Just my family, sons,dil,and grandchildren. I needed some inspiration haven't decided yet. Yours looks really nice,thanks Kim.

  9. Kim, all your centerpieces are perfect. I host every year, I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner since I was 14. All except the year I had an October baby (we all went out, haha) and one year my eldest daughter tried to host- and I honestly worked harder for that then if I were to have hosted, lol. I DID try to encourage but ended up cooking a lot and helping a lot. It's ok, it's fun and I enjoy it. : - )

  10. I am not hosting this year, but this past year I was able to purchase some beautiful Thanksgiving dinnerware at a discount in February. I am anxious to use it, so I am going to have a few family dinners on the new plates and even host a "mini" Thanksgiving at home for my little family of five. Then, on Thanksgiving, I'll be off to my in-laws to celebrate with the extended clan of 30+.
    Au Revoir & Bisous,
    Michelle from

  11. Gorgeous. I especially love the dough bowl and the pheasant one.