Christmas Great Room


I shared the mantel last week and now I'm sharing the other ways I added Christmas in the great room/family room. Just a change of pillows and some natural and faux elements is all it needed.

This is the room the family spends time in and where we exchange gifts. 

I filled my giant dough bowl with a mix of pine cones, berries, a couple of antler sheds and candles.

Striped and plaid pillows in Christmas colors on the sofa. This will be the last Christmas for this sofa.

This year since the sofa table is behind the sofa I decided to add a group of trees that I already had.

The one in the center has lights on it and it is cute at night when it comes on. It's from Pottery Barn and the others are just plain trees from Michael's.

To make the trees tall enough I turned this tray upside down and then balanced the trees front and back on top of it. No one sees this from the front.

On the other side of the room I removed the ivy plant from the urn and tucked in another tiny tree and surrounded it with pine cones.

I added a bird to the top.

An old needlepoint Christmas pillow showed up in a bag in storage that I had been missing for awhile. 

And this little fellow can't decide where he wants to be.

The tree is in the far corner and soon gifts will be around it. I haven't quite gotten to wrapping those yet. I probably will wrap some tomorrow since we are expecting a rainy day. Good time to stay home and get those done.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. All so pretty Kim, I love your tree grouping. I have the same trees at my place.

  2. Beautiful tips Kim! Love your home!

  3. Gorgeous room, Kim. I love the trees on the table behind the sofa and that dough bowl is perfect!

  4. Beautiful, Kim. Love that pillow you found:) I can't believe it is less than 2 weeks away! Time just FLIES at Christmas!

  5. You have the "midas touch" of decorating.

  6. Kim,
    It all looks gorgeous. Love the way the light comes in that room. It is so cozy and pretty.
    Happy New Week Kim.

  7. Love the quilts around the tree. You need a close up of that one so I can pin it! The dough bowl adds a touch of rustic charm. And I love those pillows that are seeing their last Christmas on that couch.

  8. Your room looks very festive Kim. I love the trees behind your sofa.

  9. Your new paint job in that room really makes everything pop! Everything looks so beautiful, Kim:)

  10. The room looks gorgeous. I love the Christmas tree soaking up all the light!

  11. Your great room looks so festive and all ready for Christmas Day! Loving how you filled your dough bowl...perfect for all winter.
    Mary Alice

  12. So beautiful and festive and I am loving all of the wonderful pine trees and those gorgeous pillows!

  13. So pretty Love the little trees behind the sofa.

  14. So pretty Kim.
    I especially luv the little forest of trees behind the sofa!!

  15. getting ready to wrap as we speak. kids have one more week in school so i am trying to get it all done. your room looks lovely. hope your couch enjoys it's last christmas.

  16. Kim, Beautiful! The little trees behind the sofa are so cute.

  17. You created the perfect Christmas atmosphere in your room. Happy holidays to you!