Tweaking the Christmas Foyer


I said tweaking not twerking! Do y'all decorate for Christmas and then tweak things? I sure do. I think because I try to get the decorating done quickly so I can get all the bins and mess put away that sometimes things don't turn out exactly as I had planned.

I had originally planned to use greenery around the deer and sleigh on the chest in the foyer, but when I found the bin of poly fill that I use for snow I started adding it instead.

You know how snow is pretty when it is clean and white, but then it gets dirty and nasty. Well, the faux snow was getting dirty and nasty and it just had to go.

So back to my original idea. I removed the snow and added greenery.

I also like having a lamp on at night in the foyer so I added this new one. One of my gifts to me from me.

I think the deer agrees with the changes and is holding his head a bit higher.

Anybody else been tweaking their Christmas decor?

Come back tonight at 7 pmEST and share those tweaks or anything else new you have to wow us with at Wow Us Wednesdays.

See y'all there!

Check out the before here.


  1. I tweak a lot...and must say the bins are still up in the bonus room as I still take things out from time to time...but today is putting them back in the Christmas closet and attic day! It is a good thing that the bonus room is not used or seen very much! Have a Merry day!

  2. P.S. Love the change from the faux snow to the greenery!

  3. I like the greenery as well...very festive I believe...wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas
    Jayne (Canada)

  4. I like the greenery, Kim! I constantly tweak! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Pam @

  5. Not so much tweaking here. I take the weekend after Thanksgiving to decorate. Cards and shopping are finished soon after. It's important to me to have the time leading up to Christmas to just enjoy the season and all it has to offer. We've been enjoying going to look at Christmas lights and events our little town and the nearby city have to offer and mostly the beautiful musicals, etc. at our church. I like your greenery better, especially since your area (like ours) doesn't have much snow! Merry Christmas!

  6. I've tweaked the master bedroom so much that I already have all the Christmas decor down and put away, LOL.

  7. Guilty ... Constant tweaker here! :) I really enjoy it so it's a constant work in progress. In fact, today I'm adding a string of lights to a garden tree. Wishing you and your family a wonderful joyfilled Christmas!!

  8. Your tweaking paid off and it looks great!

  9. I would never notice Kim if you tweaked something or always looks perfectly placed :)
    Now that it's all in place put on some Christmas music and get twerking

    A very Merry Christmas to you.


  10. Beautiful. - - May your Christmas be Blessed and Merry

  11. I'm definitely a tweaker which is evident by how many times I changed my mantel. Ha! I like the greenery mixed with the deer and sled. I guess the snowy decor will be the only snow we see this year!

  12. I can't walk by anything without tweeking!!! And its making me tired!!

    Love the deer with the greens.....Merry Christmas!!!