Prepping the Deck for Spring/Summer Use


Last summer we finally tackled our deck and transformed it into an outdoor area we could enjoy.

This is the reveal photo from last summer.

In the beginning stages it looked like this. Mr. Savvy did a fabulous job on the pergola.

After the building of the pergola and damaged floor boards were replaced we painted everything.

Well, actually we painted the deck, but the windows were left in sad shape and I just never shared that fact in my posts. So I have been busy the past few days prepping and painting.

There's been a lot of going up and down this. No problem, I need the exercise.

There was a lot of mildew killing with this. We usually just mix bleach and water and spray everything, but I had this on hand so I just grabbed it and it really worked well.

I'm so glad to have the door finished. It has never been painted and looked awful. Now it is clean and has a slight sheen. 

I painted the windows and door with this in Dove White. Now the rest of the trim on the house needs to be done, too. One thing leads to another.

There are a few rotten places like this windowsill  that Mr. Savvy will need to repair before painting. This is one of the upper windows over the deck. 

I only painted the ones I can reach. 

I bought this light and had Mr. Savvy replace the old worn out light. The wiring to the light was not working correctly, but all is fixed now.

You can see the old light here that I found in this post.

I will refresh the paint on the top of the rails and the floor after the window painting is finished. I seem to be getting some of the white paint on the brown even with drop cloths down. Oops.

The shutters we hung last year sort of fell apart in places so I may add curtains to that area this year to help block the sun when needed. Those shutters weren't meant to be outside and the slats just started coming apart. Poo

I have not bought the first plant or flowers for the deck yet. I need to get on the ball.
Dang it's almost May!!

Eventually the painting will be finished and I can start using this space again.

Happy Earth Day and have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. If it helps you feel better about your plants...I was told my an aunt many years ago that in Ky don't put out any flowers until after the first of May. That lets folks have just enough time to dress up their outdoor spaces just in time for Derby, most years. Ha!

  2. Your deck looks wonderful. Love all the pretty pillows on your couch. you will enjoy many hours out there.

    Have a great weekend Kim.


  3. Kim, it seems there is always so much work to be done, one thing calls for another. Our house and two detached buildings all need painting. We used to do it ourselves, but we just can't anymore. I always painted the windows! When you finish everything will look great. I love outside curtain panels, that will look great!
    Happy weekend
    Pam @ Everyday Living

  4. I am right there with you. Pressure washing this weekend. We haven't bought any plants/flowers yet either. We traveled last week and before that our crazy Georgia weather kept me from doing so.
    If you only have a few splatters on your decking and rails, goo gone might do the trick so you don't have to paint again.
    We still need to get the netting off the pond too!!

  5. Looks amazing. So inviting. I would be out there every minute I could. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kim, at Lowes they had this pergola made of steel and had a fabric-type material lying over it and tied to the sides to keep rain out. You might look into one of those for your wooden pergola top. It all looks great!

  7. I love this back porch/deck area! You did such an awesome job with your big reveal last year! I know your gonna do some kind of "switch-a-roo" so I'll be anxiously awaiting this reveal:D Hope you have a great weekend, Kim!

  8. Fascinating. We rely on shutters to reduce the sun in the house as A/C is unheard of in the south of France.

  9. Sure is a lot of work to make things beautiful...but the end result is always so wonderful!...Don't work too hard!....Have a great weekend....I will be cleaning porches (again)

  10. Your deck looks awesome. Puts mine, which has been sorely neglected, to shame. The pergola is a great feature and I really like the new light fixture you chose!

  11. Your deck and pergola look beautiful. You are a dynamo: always doing one project or another. Have a beautiful weekend. I am buying flowers tomorrow!!!! So excited!

  12. Kim, you have been one busy girl! I love your deck, especially with the addition of the pergola. Too bad about the shutters. They had such a strong visual presence. I can't wait to see the curtains! xo

  13. This morn I had my coffee in our 3 season porch which has a board with several paint/wash choices leaning against the wall. Just come design it for me would 'ya? I'm overwhelmed. I also have the same door as you that has never been painted. The color it came has always been fine, that is till dogs scratched the bottom of it through to the metal. Paint that too while you are here please.

  14. I was sitting on our "dirty" deck yesterday evening watching the hubs work on a lawnmower and seeing how badly the deck and patio need pressure washing. I'm putting that on my to=do list starting next week now that the worst of the pollen seems to be gone.

    I would love a pergola but doubt I get one....we had one of those tents you see for patios for years and loved it so maybe I'll go back to that instead.

    Have a great weekend Kim!

  15. I love your porch and it will be so useful this summer!

  16. Your deck is wonderful. I am sure it is lovely in the evening to just sit out there and relax.