Curb Appeal


It's the end of the long Memorial Day weekend and I thought I would share some shots around the front yard after getting it all mowed and edged on Saturday. For those of you new here we have three acres, but only half or less is landscaped. We are private in the backyard with the woods behind us, but live on a busy road so I like for us to have a pretty curb appeal. That means lots of work and upkeep. Mr. Savvy says it keeps us young. This was a quiet road until they built Walmart less than a mile away. 

Early morning shot I took in my pajamas.

Our yard is by no means perfect as much as I wish it was. I am kind of a lush green grass fanatic, but our twenty year old centepede has been struggling the last few years so we have been over seeding with bermuda grass seed and adding bermuda sod in larger bald areas. We still have a few more bad areas especially up close to the road that need some work and the price of sod has almost doubled this year. I sure am glad we added the sod to our backyard last summer.

The knockout roses are doing great. We were having cooler temps that they like, but boy has the heat set in now. 

Bald spot in the foreground needs to be worked on. I think the roots from the tree and crape myrtle caused that spot to die. I do all the edging with a motorized walk behind edger that we have had for twenty years. I keep thinking this year will be the last, but it keeps on going.

We decided to mulch with the large pine nuggets this year instead of the chewed up looking mulch. So far this is staying in place better when we get a hard washing rain. We put out about four pick up truck loads a few weeks ago and still need more for the back.

I placed this pot with a dying fern from last summer behind some other bushes over the winter and lo and behold the fern has come back this year so I placed it back on the porch.

I planted these little hydrangea bushes three summers ago and they never grew much and certainly never bloomed so I cut them down to the ground last year and to my surprise I now have two healthy bushes with blooms.

These blooms are the palest blue.

My little concrete dog is always on watch and never begs.

The lirope/monkeygrass always looks good until the summer heat starts beating down. By the end of July it won't look this healthy anymore.

The knockouts by the driveway always do well.

This metal bench has sat here for years and it is rusting. I need to paint it, but I like it a bit worn.

My bunny has been around for many years. It has a broken foot, but I can make it sit straight by pushing it into the dirt below the mulch.

All I'm sharing from the back for now are the hanging baskets on the deck.

Later this week I will be joining a group of bloggers to share how we keep summer simplified outdoors. I will share what the lounging area of the deck looks like now with a few updates and share a couple of simple tips.

I hope you'll come back Tuesday night at 7pmET for Wow Us Wednesdays and then check out the tour on Wednesday.

See y'all there.


  1. Beautiful grounds, Kim! I've never seen so much of your property... it is maintained beautifully! Hope you have a great week... ~julie

  2. Lovely, Kim. Your hard work paid off! I am sure everyone who passes by enjoys the fruits of your labor. It is just a sample of the gorgeous home behind your front door. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week!

  3. Kim, what a perfectly manicured yard you have! I'm so impressed with that edging job of yours!

  4. The yard looks great...and I know how much work you and Mr. Savvy put into it....your labor of love truly shows!

  5. Crazy question but do you intentionally keep the lirope from growing together? I love it like that, love the separation in your plants! My horticulture/plant science Ph.D. hubby likes it grown together! I keep showing him pictures of your yard! Love, love your blog!!

    1. For some reason the variegated lirope doesn't spread and grow together like the solid green. We have that in another bed and that stuff goes nuts. I prefer the separated look really. Thanks!

  6. Looks wonderful. I have a knockout rose bush, but it needs some help. I need to do dome research probably. 😊 Sheila

  7. Your yard always looks so gorgeous.....I am completely envious!!!! We have a couple of acres that we constantly work on and some days I feel like it is just too much. Today we bought another 10 bags of brown least this weekend it was on sale!!! LOL
    Have a great week.....

  8. Very pretty and so green. We also had light mulch that blew all over, but when we had our trees trimmed, they chipped it and laid it down as mulch for us (good for them to not haul away and for us to not haul in) and it stays in place.
    Everything here is green right now, but soon it will turn brown--very hot and dry here. But the oleander doesn't need watering and is about to burst into full color.

  9. Lovely yard, Kim. You and Mr. Savvy's hard work pays off. I really love the look of your deck. Very impressive.

  10. For those of us who like to garden (and have pretty curb appeal) it really is a labor of love. I'm not sure about the "keeping us young" part, I feel it more every year, in my back:( Everything there looks just beautiful. I am sharing my yard on Thursday:) Have a great week, Kim!

  11. So beautiful Kim. The heat is upon us as well. :/ Knock out roses are spent, but my Crepe Myrtle are starting to bloom and my hydrangeas are bountiful!!!
    Happy week!!

  12. Kim,
    Your yard looks beautiful. I love your narrative through the yard. We have many items that have lived with us for a while too. They add character.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

  13. Just gorgeous, Kim!!!! I love your outdoor spaces and know that you spend a lot of time keeping them looking amazing! Wow, your deck has become a summer haven! hugs!

  14. So pretty, send some of your heat our way please, the weather is rather confused here at the moment, boiling hot one day and then cool and wet the next. Love the bench just as it is, it's got so much character. Susan x

  15. Thanks for the tour Kim. So fun seeing all the beds and such up close.
    Great news about your Hydrangeas :) My guess is the first few years, with all the room, they were growing down (roots) instead of up. You should have some amazingly strong, resilient plants now.

  16. The garden looks so pretty. It reminds me of all the work I need to tend to!

  17. Kim, beautiful landscaping! You and your Mr. have made it all just gorgeous! Thanks for taking that lovely walk with us!

  18. Kim, your yard is gorgeous and you have tons of curb appeal.

  19. Everything is looking good, and you've certainly nailed the "curb appeal!" The roses are stunning! My hydrangeas are always finicky. Last year, they were amazing; too soon to tell what this year will be like.

  20. your yard looks amazing. I cut some of my knock outs a few weeks ago in my garden cause they were looking horrible. looking forward to fresh blooms. things are heating up around here.

  21. Your yard always looks good! I love all of your pretty flowers in bloom. I'm sure you will enjoy having the summer to enjoy your new sodded back yard this year too.

  22. Gorgeous tour, Kim! The work that you and Mr. Savvy have put on the yard can be easily seen. Pretty blooms all around and hey, I love the bench the way it is. ;)