Flower Power


What is it about flower power? You can just grab a vessel, add some pretty flowers, and add them to a table or room and it seems to come alive. Flowers are what we give or receive for special occasions because they lift our spirits and put a smile on our face. We send them with our condolences when someone passes to say we care. There is power in a bouquet of flowers.
 Today I have compiled some photos of flowers in different vessels that I have used instead of your regular vase. I am also joining some fellow talented bloggers who are also talking flowers today so be sure to check those links at the end of the post.

Beautiful peonies and roses tucked in a confit pot.

An ironstone pitcher holds some irises

A vintage enamelware pitcher holds a mixed grocery store bouquet in the breakfast room. 

Bunches of pink stock added to an old large Pottery Barn vase.

Another ironstone pitcher holds pretty pink and green roses.

Vintage bottles look pretty with some pretty roses.

An old olive bucket mixed with pretty stock from last year's summer open house tour.

Tulips looking good in an enamelware bucket.

Purple and white tulips in a glass hurricane add a nice pop of color in the great room this spring.

For a Mother's Day brunch I just cut some knockout roses and mixed them with some honeysuckle in an old mason jar for a simple centerpiece.

And how about some faux lavender tucked in a vintage apple picking bucket? This is a peek from next week's post on Monday.

So just grab any empty vessel around your house and stick some flowers in it for some flower power in your home.

I hope you will check out my talented friends' May flowers ideas below.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I can always count on seeing beautiful flower arrangements in the most wonderful vintage vessels in your home! And by the way, love the title of your post! :)
    Great partying with you today....Have a great weekend!

  2. All you need are flowers to make a setting pop, that is for sure! Your confit pot made me think of you when I stumbled upon the confit fountain that I shared today (which I'm thinking of getting:-). Enjoy the weekend Kim!

  3. Kim - all of them are GORGEOUS but I think my fave is the lavender in the apple picking bucket!! So fun. I can't wait to read more. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  4. All so pretty Kim! Love the lavender in the vintage bag-

  5. Wow, Kim, what a body of work you have! They are all so lovely, but my favorites are the pink and green roses and that lavender basket. Looking forward to seeing that upcoming post... :-) I also often thing about the affect flowers have on us. I've sometimes walked past them and stared, wondering why I think they are so incredibly beautiful. It's a difficult question to answer and that seems to be their magic. Have a great weekend!!

  6. Very pretty bouquets! Such variety.

  7. All of your flowers look beautiful in the different vessels. Have a great weekend!

  8. I rarely buy things for the house anymore (repurposing things I already have), but each week I spend money on flowers for the house. As I look around me, there are 3 bouquets in the dining room right now.

  9. I love the olive bucket full of stocks. Well actually I love all of them because like you I just adore flowers. In the winter my one little luxury is a bouquet (no matter how small) on the kitchen table, it lifts my spirits every day. Now of course the weather is lovely and the garden is full of offerings just waiting to be picked. At a brocante last year I bought 8 or 9 small glass bottles, none of them match and I paid less than $5 for all of them, but I grouped them together and put a rose bud in each, the effect was stunning, different heights, colours and sizes. Have a lovely weekend x

  10. Kim, fresh flowers in my home makes me very happy. My lavender is almost in bloom, is there any scent that is any fresher! Love all your bouquets! Happy weekend! Pam

  11. Tulips in white enamel bucket. Love! Sheila

    1. All the photos are so pretty, love all the different vases , flowers around the house are always so pretty.

  12. Beautiful Kim! It's that time of year where it's so fun to put flowers in anything and everything. Sometimes the more unexpected, the better.... love the lavender in the bucket on the door! Hope you have a great weekend! ~julie

  13. So pretty, Kim! I love that vintage apple basket. Flowers make such a difference in our homes, don't they?

  14. Makes me want to run out and grab a bunch! Gorgeous photos Kim. Oh, and remember that crate you spotted at Queen of Hearts...the one with Fox Hollow printed on it. Well, it came home with me today. Was meant to be. We headed there after breakfast as it was still raining to kill some time. Today is our 28th wedding anniversary. My street address where my sweet hubby proposed was Fox Hollow. So glad it was still there and I spotted it so high up in the booth. Thanks girly!!

  15. Your flower arrangements are beautiful, capturing the essence of spring and summer. Each one is so different, fresh, and captivating.

  16. Yes to flowers in every room. It just puts a smile on my face.

  17. What gorgeous ideas Kim! I want to run out and grab a bunch of flowers now:)