Let's Go Junkin


 Friday was a dreary day with drizzle blowing sideways all day. So after being cooped up all day we decided to take a little road trip on Saturday to the north Georgia mountains and western North Carolina mountains. After we stopped for a late breakfast I knew I wanted to check out a salvage store in NC that I had not been to in quite some time. This is the shop that I found my butcher block and pot rack parts in. David, the owner, sure has a lot more stuff now and two floors of it plus a lot outside. A true junker could spend days going through the stuff.

I have never seen furniture at this place before and then I spied this stunning chippy head and foot board. I believe I gasped when I saw it! The pink ribbon tied around it says "sold". I'm sure it was very pricey anyway because his prices are pretty high.

Look at the size of that corbel.

These old pulleys were huge.

He has lots and lots of doors.

Love the house numbers left on this door.

Lots of shutters, too.

Loved this blue door and Mr. Savvy just rolled his eyes.

He also carries lots and lots of lights.

Metal rail and fence parts.

There are wooden spindles/legs throughout the place and in all shapes and sizes.

Now the second floor is open and I had to check it out. This Green N was the first thing I saw sitting on the floor when I turned the corner. Maybe it wanted to go home with me since my last name starts with a N. I just don't know where this would work in my house so I left it.

Need chairs?

How about some old grungy roller skates? Not sure what anyone would do with these?

Coming back downstairs I snapped this shot looking out back. More wood everywhere.

I guess this is an old grocery cart. Odd seat.

And two brightly colored carts outside.

After I posted on instagram yesterday a follower asked me if I was at the salvage place close to Franklin, NC? She said she just saw the same bed and it was either the same one or its twin. Yep, that is where I was. I think it would be unlikely for there to be two of those beds looking like that.
 Such a small world.

Oh, and nothing came home with me this time.

Hope you can get out today and do some junkin!


  1. I don't know how you resisted buying the "N". So cute!!

  2. I love going to places like these. They are full of inspiration and history.

  3. Looks like a place I would love to visit and not too far from me! Can you share the address or name? Thanks!

  4. Which shop in Franklin? We are out that way on occasion and I'd love to pop in.

  5. This place is in Otto, NC and called Culpepper's Otto Depot.

  6. This looks like any number of places around here, full of garbage, "interesting" stuff and a few real gems. When a place is 100% gems, it's called a jewelry store or an antiques store and out of my price range. So I'm glad to wander past the junk to unearth the gems.

  7. Looks like the store is awesome with lots of great things.

  8. My husband builds farmhouse tables and benches but he always rehabs chairs for the other side of the table. He is always looking for table legs. When I show him this post, a trip will be planned!

  9. What a fun place to wander through. He sure has ALOT of stuff!

  10. Just my kind of place, Kim! You just never know what treasure you might "unearth"!! Pam@ Everyday Living

  11. Lots of great looking junk!! Glad you had a great time browsing!! Happy Sunday!!!

  12. How could you get out of there with nothing....lol?

  13. I love going thru this place, but you're right, his stuff is expensive. I dug for awhile one day and came home with one little piece of wood that I added a hook to. Can you imagine all the stories all of those old doors could tell? I was in there once and there was a swastika on one...not really sure who would want it, but I'm sure someone bought it...Did you stop in Dillard on your way home? We used to live at the boarding school in Rabun Gap, so I used to scour those stores pretty regularly. It had been awhile, but I've been there a few times recently. So beautiful up there!

  14. omgosh, omgosh, omgosh, looks like fun !!!!!