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Our French Oasis.....isn't that a pretty name for a blog? Susan started leaving comments on my blog awhile back so of course I had to click over to hers and I am so glad I did. She and her family are English and have lived in many different places including Florida, but they have made a charming area of southwest France their permanent home. She is a mom to five children from 9 to 19 and it's fun to see how they live in France. So get comfy and I'm going to let Susan take you to France without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home.....take it away, Susan.

12801222_479594712235938_1975971708952220228_n Getting to grips with an old stone house which shows the graceful wear and tear of several centuries is a challenge that is not easily solved by a simple trip to the nearest home furnishing store and local DIY centre.

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13055404_492119114316831_3349995537163485817_n This is particularly true if this house is located in the South West of France, quiet in winter but warm and salty-aired in summer. Paris is a long way away, and coming back home to this country after a 4-year stay in the comfort of Florida’s easy-shopping climate has stretched my renovating and brocante-hunting skills to the full.

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  13119065_495048300690579_3355316008754677368_n We bought an old house with just over an acre of garden. It is tucked away in a village out in the country just above thousands of hectares of ancient salt water and fresh water marshlands. We are less than half an hour’s drive from all four Atlantic Islands and minutes away from the great rolling surf beaches of the Bay of Biscay behind which lie the famous oyster-beds of the Charente Maritime.






img_4528 The area offered everything we needed for the children, and it’s in a location that makes the UK very accessible, as well as trips south to Spain. It’s also an area of great beauty, charm and much history, most of which revolves around either Napoleon or an earlier era of endless warfare between England and France, when the landscape often languished beneath the fluttering pennants and banners of English kings and nobility.









   As an English family, I think that we’re therefore just at home here as our French neighbours and friends. Our house and its contents now reflect a melodious range of Anglo-Franco accoutrements. Furnishings, decorations, styles and fabrics, they’re all a mixture of my tastes. A juxtaposition of inherited pieces, things we have bought and items we have stumbled serendipitously over in dark crowded antique-shops and amongst the sun-lit meadows of France’s beloved brocantes.






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12418027_460678964127513_7898017078936302289_n   Added to this romantic mix is the history of the house itself and its previous owners, a hidden tale which we did not know until we moved in - but this story really deserves its own page since the modern history of the world might well have been very different without the skill and courage of the man who lived here before us. 

Thank you Susan for sharing with my readers.

I hope y'all will go check out Our French Oasis.

Wishing y'all a great weekend!
 I'm looking forward to cooking out and enjoying family time!!


  1. Susan reached to me a little while ago and I loved "meeting" her through her blog. I have to say I am a bit envious of her and her family living in France! She has a lovely blog and I highly recommend visiting her!

  2. Fun post, as always! Love your chandelier!

  3. Lovely home, Susan! I so envy where you live...Thank you so much for sharing this, Kim. One of these days I'm going to have to visit France!

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  5. HOW FUN and charming was that! Thanks for the intro., Kim.

  6. This is beautiful!!! What a lovely tour.

  7. I have been following this blog for quite awhile and thoroughly enjoy Susan's posts!

  8. Thanks for sharing this lovely home. I can not imagine not living here in the US but this sure is pretty. Have a great weekend, Kim.

  9. Kim, I have just spent a very enjoyable time perusing Susan's lovely blog so I came back to say thank you for introducing her to us! I know I will be loving her posts in the future too! Linda

  10. Kim, thanks so much for sharing Susan's beautiful home! Happy weekend, Pam @ Everyday Living

  11. This was a real treat to read! It has got to be an amazing place to live and raise a family. Thank you for introducing us to Susan! The house and gardens are so lovely! I've got to head over to Our French Oasis to see more!

  12. I found her blog several months ago through a random google search (I frankly don't remember what I was looking up but it obviously had to do with something French)... I agree, she writes a lovely blog about her French journey. I think we all enjoying pretending we're right there along with her!

  13. Absolutely enchanting place. The barged and plants in it are incredible. They must smell amazing in the spring. http://www.dorisleslieblau.com/blog/

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  19. This is a lovely post! You've introduced us to a great house and blog. Thank you so much, Kim!