Summer Decorating Ideas From My 2015 Tour


With this weekend being the unofficial kickoff to summer I thought I would share my summer open house tour from last year for those of you who are new here and for those who may find some inspiration for your summer decor this year. You will notice that there have been a few changes in my home since last summer, but hey, what else is new? I'm always refreshing things around here and especially seasonally.
Enjoy and have a fabulous holiday weekend!
For a little background info my husband and I designed and built this house twenty years ago doing much of the work ourselves to save money and there has been much updating over the past ten or more years.  Of course there are a few more things that still need updating. My style has certainly changed since 1995 and I have been updating to the look I like now.

Summer brings back memories of the beach with a bit of Americana thrown in since we usually go on beach vacations in the summer and celebrate July 4th. Even though my home is French country style with some farmhouse style thrown in it is easy to mix in some coastal decor for summer.

Well, don't just stand there. Come on in.
Oh, and if you can see the mess through the windows in the back just ignore it. That is the deck makeover in progress. (Finished and the first reveal is here)

Some coral and flowers were added on top of the large French chest in the foyer. I just recently shared my summer foyer.

This is the sitting room on the left. This room is filled with a mix of new, old and collected.

Straight across is the dining room. This light filled room is filled with many pieces of furniture that I have transformed with paint.

I'm loving these stock flowers.

The dough bowl has been filled with the large fishing float I recently found in an antique mall and some smaller floats purchased on ebay.

I also added many shells collected over the years along with a couple sea fans.

I even tucked in a piece of coral in one of the ironstone dishes in the hutch.

Where are my manners? I haven't offered you anything to drink. I have some refreshments set up in the breakfast room on my antique French farm table.

Have you tried these French lemonades? I like the Lorina one the best, but it isn't lemony enough.

I even have lemon slice glasses, that I bought at The Dollar Store a few years ago, to drink it in.

You can grab a straw if you like. I prefer to drink without one.

We'll just go through the kitchen and I'll show you to your room.

I just can't get enough of these stock flowers. I have to drive 45 minutes one way to Trader Joe's to get them, but they are so worth it. They are cheap, smell great and last a long time.

You are probably tired after your long trip and you may want to rest a bit.

I hope you like hydrangeas. I clipped these and thought they would look nice in this blue ticking striped bucket.

I had put this sea gull picture that I shot on Martha's Vineyard away, but had to pull it back out for summer. It reminds me of the super foggy day there. I took that picture through a restaurant window while enjoying lunch and then had it made into a canvas.

I added some shells and sea glass so you will feel like you are away at the beach instead of outside Hotlanta.

Don't you love these pillows I found at HomeGoods? They have some great ones this year and you can't beat the prices. I do have a bit of a pillow addiction.

I found the octopus pillow first and then found the colorful shams in another HomeGoods store.

Great colors and they are quilted. These are by Tommy Bahama. Can you believe they were just $16 for the pair? Now, that's my kind of decorating.

I brought the Ikea duvet cover back out. Nothing like blue ticking for summer.

I changed out the heavy lined drapes to these linen ones from H&M.
Linen and summer just go together and I am wearing linen a lot this year.

This is another cute pillow from HomeGoods.

Cute details on it.

I sure hope your stay is comfortable.

Summer Master 2015

All American Summer Guest Room


  1. I always love seeing your home Kim but it looks especially pretty all decked out for summer!!

    1. Thanks Cindy. Now I need to start on it for this summer.

  2. Very fresh and inviting! I love my guest room! I should sleep well. Ha ha ha. Have a nice memorial weekend. Sheila

  3. Love seeing this again and seeing how much has changed in a year!

  4. I agree with Shirley. You never stop! I have a little 3 year old sleeping upstairs that is the same way:)

  5. Thank you for sharing your home it is awesome!

  6. Your home is always a welcome sight. Thanks for the tour. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  7. No one can make up a bed quite like you. It's truly a talent.

    1. Awe, thanks Amanda. I do have a thing for bedding.

  8. You have a beautiful home. The stone exterior is gorgeous. The low rail for your copper pots is ingenious.
    Limonade is a lemony soft drink, kind of a lemon version of Coke. If you want lemonade, you have to ask for citron pressé.

    1. Thanks and nice to know about the lemonade if I ever get to visit France again.

  9. I enjoy your home tours, and I'll bet many followers have copied the blue background on your china hutch.....Just as I have done LOL!

  10. so lovely, I like the china hutch and the tufted headboard

  11. Beautiful! I do hope your coral is faux. It takes years to create coral and it's a natural part of the ecosystem that shouldn't be harvested. The faux coral is wonderful and gives a great decorating look without harming nature.

    1. Sorry, it is real, but I purchased them years ago in antique shops and I heard last year that what you find for sale now is it since it can't be harvested anymore.

  12. Everything looks beautiful Kim! Hope your weekend is going well.

  13. Still pretty,Kim. I remember loving the blue checked shade on that lamp. Made me covet it again!! I do love some of the changes you have made this year though, from last year. Everything always looks perfect no matter which year the calendar says it is.

  14. You have an absolutely gorgeous home and have designed it into perfection, Kim.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend! I grew up on the north coast with Lake Erie Great Lake as my back yard. I get terribly homesick for the start of summer, Memorial Day Weekend there. I miss the water every day when it is warm.