A Country Wedding


I hope y'all had a good weekend. We attended our great niece's wedding Saturday evening and to tell you the truth I was sort of dreading it. Why? Because it was held outside and our temps have climbed into the nineties. Me and sweat...not so good. But you do what you have to do and thank goodness the unpredictable weather gave us a break. I took lots of photos with my phone and they aren't the greatest with it getting dark, but I wanted to share this fun evening with y'all and you may get some ideas for any future weddings you may have to plan.

This was held at one of Mr. Savvy's sister's home since it was her granddaughter getting married. They live on 40 acres and it really made a great place for a wedding. The couple got married under that tree with the rolls of hay in the foreground.

It was quite cloudy when we arrived around six and we had driven through a couple of showers on the way there. Around 6:20 the sky opened up and it rained and people were running for cover.

It rained for about fifteen minutes and we had taken shelter under the front porch where it was high enough for us to stand. Sounds romantic doesn't it....taking shelter together under the porch? Not so much...there were four others under there with us. :)

The rain finally stopped and the chairs were all wiped down with towels so they could get the ceremony started. It probably started about 25 minutes late. This was the view from where we sat.

The groom patiently awaits while the wedding party comes in one by one. 

Now, he is waiting for his bride to be.

Here comes the beautiful bride escorted by her dad.

The minister has been the bride's youth pastor since she was seven years old and the groom's since he was a junior in high school. He had lots of sweet things to share about the couple.

The sun came out for just a minute and then it was gone.

Not sure what the purple UFO looking spot is? Something my phone picked up.

Time for dinner while the wedding party has photos taken.

The meal was catered by a barbecue place under this metal roof area filled with string lights. This was so pretty.

This is the way all the tables were set under the tent. Fresh eucalyptus and candles for the centerpiece.

This was really good food.

After we ate I walked around and took a couple shots of the pretty view. Steam was in the air after the rain.

This is the tree where the ceremony took place after all the chairs had been carried to the reception area.

We had finished eating and I had walked up to the house where several varieties of cheesecake were served for dessert and also an ice cream cart. I failed to get photos of those. This is the wedding party waiting to be announced. I love how the groom is fixing the bride's gown.

Best shot I got of the beautiful bride while two of Mr. Savvy's sisters are snapping a selfie with her.

Lights aglow as it gets darker.

The cute flower girls in pink.

Time to cut the cake. This was on the bottom porch of the house where the cheesecakes had been removed.

And then the fun begins! I have never seen these before and it was so fun to watch these floating lanterns that almost look like little hot air balloons and basically work the same way.

After enough heat is created from a flame in these biodegradable lanterns up up they go.

Locals may have thought they had been invaded by UFO's.

Off off they go until they disintegrate.

I thought this was a cute idea for the ladies achy feet. They had a basket of these in small, medium and large. I grabbed me a medium. The dancing, not that I would have, didn't start until we had to leave.

It turned out to be a really nice evening with family and friends.

Congrats to the newlyweds!!

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful setting for a wedding! Everything looks so pretty, especially lit up at night. It sure was lucky that the weather cooperated, after all. The bride is absolutely lovely - wishing your great-niece and her new husband a lifetime of happiness together! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fun wedding. John performed a 'farm' wedding just a year ago this weekend. It was beautiful, too. However, the reception was held in a huge old barn that was all lit and decorated very similar to what I see here. They did have a back up plan to be able to move inside for the wedding itself if there was rain. You got some really great photos, Kim...and glad it wasn't terribly hot--although it looks kind of humid with the steam coming up off the fields there.
    Hope you are doing well and having a great June!

  3. Beautiful! I love outdoor country weddings...and this one looks lovely! The ufo looking picture could be an orb. I have a friend who seems to get a lot of those in her pictures and she has been told they are spirits of people...so maybe someone special was watching over the wedding couple on their special day! Seems like a nice idea to me!

  4. Oh, how I love an outdoor wedding, doesn't require lots of money spent on decor! So pretty and the food looks delicious, and the floating lanterns are fabulous! Pam @ Everyday Living

  5. The Wedding looked awesome, the floating lanterns were great touch. Congrats to the Happy Couple!! Thank You for sharing ,I love outdoor weddings.

  6. What a beautiful wedding. I can relate to the weather. When my niece got married last year (outdoors in August in the Midwest), it was so hot and humid we worried my mom, age 90, would pass out, so we brought a cooler with ice and had some of her other grandkids stationed around to fan her. We'd hand her a baggie of ice cubes to cool her down. Everybody was drenched with sweat, but the bride and bridesmaids looked great in Grecian goddess dresses and flat sandals.

  7. Glad that the rain only lasted 15 minutes and the temps cooperated too...a beautiful wedding...congrats to the lovely couple...love those lanterns!

  8. What a beautiful setting for a wedding! So glad the clouds cleared so that the ceremony could begin! Loved seeing the photos!

  9. What a beautiful scene for a wedding! Thanks for sharing!

  10. We went to the same type wedding last May. Bride's family have a farm. They had a DJ and dancing too. It was fun but the bride's parents were so worried the music would bother someone LOL. I can't believe you and Mr. Savvy didn't dance! These type weddings are the thing in our area. Not necessarily a farm wedding, but the last few wedding we have been to have been the service in a church and then receptions at outdoor venues with band and/or dj, dancing, etc. We are invited to one later this month, but due to time limits and distance reception venue is from the church, I think we are going to have to go to the service only and skip the reception.

  11. What a sweet wedding! Glad the rain only lasted a few mins and they could have the ceremony outside in that beautiful setting. Congrats to the new couple!

  12. Oh come on, Kim??? No dancing?? What a lovely wedding...just perfect.

  13. What a beautiful setting.

    We had a basket of colorful flip flops at my son's wedding and I have to admit that by the time for the mother/son dance, I was already in blue and white polka dot flip flops.

  14. What a great wedding! I really enjoyed these photos. Looks like they have the perfect property for a country wedding. The bbq was a good choice and I loved the lanterns!

  15. It all came good in the end which is what counts and it looked absolutely stunning x

  16. Such a pretty setting for a wedding.

  17. What a lovely couple and wedding! I'm going to tuck away that idea of the floating lanterns (so dreamy!) until my boys get married... Do the mothers of the grooms get a say?! (uh-oh :)

  18. sounds and looks like a fun wedding!

  19. i love the idea of an outdoor country wedding. looks lovely...and hot.:) cutest flip flop idea.

  20. Oh I love this venue Kim, raindrops excluded of course! I've never seen the lanterns before and the flip flops are fantastic :)

  21. A beautiful wedding with a beautiful venue and beautiful bride! Can't believe the rain! WOW, I have forgotten about the big sudden rainstorms that the rest of the country gets! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  22. What no dancing for you? I would have guessed they would have to drag you off the dance floor.

  23. Oh I love a good wedding:) Thanks for sharing your pics!!! Love the lanterns! I've never seen this before...GREAT IDEA!

  24. It looks like a beautiful spot to have a wedding. And I love the bride's dress, very classy.

  25. Normally wedding appetizers are mediocre and forgettable. We had people talking about our food even weeks after the wedding. Though the Chicago wedding venues are beautiful. You can bring in any type of furniture or use their traditional round tables.