Antiquing to Escape the Heat


Monday was our hottest day yet this year and this week. So what to do to escape the heat in this house with no air? Go antiquing of course in a nice cool store. Sounded good to me and I'm taking you with me.

Oh, if my pockets were deeper this antique French hutch might have been bought.

Just look at those details.

I about gasped when I saw this. Y'all know I love old lidded baskets and have a few, but I have never seen one like this.

It's long and narrow and the tag said it is a rare vintage artillery ammo trunk. I opened it up and it has dividers in it, but I didn't get a picture of that. It's so cool. This would make the coolest coffee table or it would look nice at the foot of a bed.

I love everything in this booth, but again pricey stuff. I love those old garden cloches, but I just can't pay over $500 for one!

This was an unusual scale.

Of course there were a variety of crafted flags like this one made out of galvanized metal.

Trapper's basket very similar to mine, but it is $299! I paid $70 for mine.

I don't know why I am drawn to chairs, but I loved this old Windsor chair. One of the arms had been repaired and I knew if I bought it Mr. Savvy would point that out. It really doesn't bother me.

There were two of these for sale.

Look at these fabulous old French chests! Loved the wood and carvings and would love to get one of them, but they are sold as a pair. These would make great nightstands if you have the room. 

A set of gorgeous twin beds.

My other weakness.....benches.

Nice Champagne crate. I like these, but wouldn't know where to use it and it was another pricey piece.

Did anything come home with me? Yes, one small thing at a really good price.
I will share it soon.

See anything you like?

Fingers crossed that our air conditioning gets fixed today!!! I can't wait to clean this dirty house!

Have a fabulous weekend and a very Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!


  1. Oh I am hating missing out on antiquing out there this summer!:( We may still try and make it home but with selling the house and moving to temporary housing it will be tough trying to fit it in. I LOVE those pieces for nightstands. They are dreamy! Can not wait to be moved and settled in the fall. We are going to be right round the corner from all my favorite shops that I rarely go to because they are across town.

  2. Your blog is cool, hope that your home will be soon!

  3. Where were you?...Queen of Hearts?....Love that larger lidded ammo trunk...lots of great things there...Love those French chests!...Now if I was with you, I could have bought one and you the other!!!...Hope the AC is up and running today!

  4. Can you share the name of the shop with the white ironstone?

    1. This is all at the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta, Ga.

  5. Windsor chair, lidded basket, and those matching chests are my loves. We have a 1900s Windsor chair passed through the family that we love. We don't sit in it anymore...sheila

  6. You would go crazy in our apartments. Full of stuff like this. Too much of it in fact. As soon as the painting and floors are done, we have to winnow.
    The hutch and chests look a little Louis XV but I'm no antiques expert.

  7. Where were you? I have an old scale similiar to the one you posted with a few weights, not the full set. I got it at the "estate sale" of my neighbor who passed in NM for a few dollars. I love it for its uniqueness and the fact it is a part of Gene who taught me about growing irises and roses.

  8. A fun trip. Benches are my weakness, too. And those dressers are gorgeous. Hope your a/c is repaired soon.

  9. I believe you're in the ATL area, have you been down to Circa Antiques in Tyrone, Collector's Corner/Boneyard or Sara's in Peachtree City?

    1. Yes, I am northeast of Atlanta. This was the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta. I have not been to those places.....yet. I have heard of them. That's about an hour and a half from me.

    2. come on down! make a day of it, thats what I have to do when I 'road trip" to Atlanta. Have a great weekend.

  10. Those French chests are gorgeous! Definitely would love to have one and I could probably convince myself to buy both to keep one and sell one! Wish I could find something like those here in Virginia!
    Hope your AC gets fixed soon!

  11. So many pretties in one place! Heavens, why didn't the company put a temporary unit in for you?

  12. I feel your pain....the old dinosaur of an a/c unit went out in our home last week, and we ended up having to completely put in a new unit. It took several days to get the new one in so we wee without a/c for about 4 days...not fun! But the new unit is finally installed and it's nice and cool now! Love the french chests....and the ironstone. And that champagne crate would have been tempting! Hope your a/c is now fixed!

  13. HI Kim! Sending you cool breezes from StoneGable! Oh, what a gorgeous shop! I love everything. I would have put that long basket right in my car! Thanks for sharing so much beauty today! xo

  14. Hi Kim,
    Oh my what a great antique shop. Thanks for taking us along. Love all the treasures you showed. I love those french chests too. So pretty. Have a great week end. Happy Dad's day to your sweet hubby.

  15. Wow! Your antique places are so much better than the ones around here! That basket was soooo neat!❤️