It's a Dog's Life


Hi, Bailey here! It's been so long since my mom has let me take over the blog. I mean what's up with that?!
 Is it hot or is it hot? Mom and Dad cut the grass today and there hasn't been any rain. I mean as in none in over two weeks. I've overheard them talking about it.  

Dad didn't do much yard work or care that much about it until he had the backyard sodded last summer. Mom has always taken care of it. Now, he babies it. The new grass is nice and I love to play on it, but it's been too hot. I prefer to find a shady spot and  just collapse.

Since it hasn't rained and Dad doesn't want to watch his investment go down the drain he told Mom to turn the sprinklers on. That is music to my ears!

Because when the sprinklers go on this bitch wants to play!!!!

Mom took pictures of me playing and oops that is not my good side!

I love to attack the sprinklers. It's game time!

I run from sprinkler to sprinkler. I'll show them who's boss!! Take that!

After I have had enough fun attacking the sprinklers I roll on the driveway......

.......and roll.....

....and roll some more. Ahhhhhh that feels so nice! And then I start all over again with the sprinklers until Mom takes me in for a bath.

Well, that was fun, but I'm exhausted so excuse me while I take a nap.

Stay cool!

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  1. Whew! Miss Bailey wore me out too! Too cute. She had fun! I don't know how you do inside and outside! My hubby spent most of the afternoon with the lawn mower and weed eater LOL. Then we went to eat and to Lowes to buy more yard stuff! We are dry here in TN too although we did have a pretty good shower the other day during a storm. Rain predicted for Monday and back to the 80s. YIPPEE!!!

  2. Our Dexter wants to meet your Bailey. She knows how to have fun! Dexter has to stay inside if anyone needs to use a hose , much less a sprinkler. #terriersaremorefun

  3. We are lucky in that we have had some nice rains that didn't wreck anything but just got everything watered nicely. Miss Bailey is so adorable, she makes me miss our dog that we had. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Kim.

  4. OMG Kim I was laughing while reading this. Miss Bailey is the cutest thing. Our pups are afraid of the sprinklers. When they come on they bark at them.

    I love dogs. They have their cute playful and own personalities. They are like little people


  5. How cute. She looks like she had a blast.

  6. Miss Bailey is a smart and articulate dog! I wish I could watch her type on the keyboard! She sure knows how to have fun, too! How long since we've ran in the sprinkler?! You should let her write on the blog more often. I bet she has a lot of interesting tho'ts to share regarding the life of a dog. Oh, and did I mention how cute and photogenic she is?

  7. Love seeing Miss Bailey Kim, she knows how to cool off in this heat :) We're very dry here and in need of rain.

  8. Bailey, it looks like you had a big time!

  9. Dear Bailey,
    I see you also enjoy my favorite pastime of playing in the sprinklers! Aren't they the best?!! Just be careful with your ears. I played in them recently and too much water got in mine. I had to deal with ear cleanings and ear medicine every day for a week or two. Not fun! I hope it cools off soon down south!
    Love, Rosie
    P.S. Woof!

  10. What fun! It is so hot and humid in KY that I am tempted to set up sprinklers and run through them too! ha! Sheila

  11. I love that Bailey loves playing with and attacking the sprinklers. So darn cute! But our Miss Molly loves to sit in the shade with the wind blowing on her face here in Michigan. It hasn't been as hot as your place, and Miss Molly said that Bailey would really like being here right now!