Let's Visit Dillsboro


What do you do when your air conditioner is not working and a heat wave has moved in? Well, you plan a short trip north to the Smoky Mountains. I was thinking it would be cooler plus at least one night's sleep in a cool hotel room sure would be nice. Only problem was it was only a few degrees cooler, because the same heat wave was there, too. Not good!

We made a short stop in Dillsboro, NC which we have visited before several years ago. It's a cute little mountain town with brick paved sidewalks and cute shops.

This town was like a ghost town which I am sure was due to the heat. I braved it, since I have
 grown accustom to it at home, so I could snap these photos.

As soon as we parked and got out of the car the train was pulling out. You can ride this train through the mountains, but we have never ridden on it. Most folks wait and ride it in the fall when the trees are in their fall splendor.

I walked in a couple of shops just to check them out and I was the only person in them. It was sort of sad.

We popped in this cute general store type shop and restaurant. We had stopped and eaten in Dillard at the Cupboard Cafe before we got here which we highly recommend if you are ever in Dillard, Ga. 

This sign greeted us as soon as we walked in. One of the ladies asked if we were there for an ice cream and we told her we were just too full.

There are antiques upstairs for sale or junk as Mr. Savvy calls it.
Love those beams!

I liked this little chair, but I already have chairs that need to move out before I bring more in.

This large basket was another consideration, but I left it, too.

On the way back down the stairs I stopped to look at this flag. I was thinking it would be great with the upcoming 4th as a prop, but the price was a bit more than I was willing to fork out so I think I may get crafty and make one or rather Mr. Savvy and I both may make one out of some pallet wood we have behind his garage.

This pretty fountain and shop were close to where we parked.

 I didn't buy a thing and I think Mr. Savvy may have been in shock.

So we didn't find any relief in the weather outside, but it was nice sleeping in a cool room.

 If you are ever in the western North Carolina mountains be sure to check out Dillsboro, but fall is probably the best time. We stayed in Cherokee which is not too far from Dillsboro and it was hot there, too.

Fingers and toes are crossed that our motor for the unit comes in on Monday and we get this house cooled down soon!

Have a fab week and stay cool!


  1. I'm from Dillard, so I am over there almost every week visiting my dad. We were there today, and you're right, it was unusually hot. Dillsboro is a fun town to visit at Christmas time.

  2. Sorry you couldn't get away from the heat! We have taken that train ride in the fall. Here is a link to my post about it, if anyone is interested...

  3. I feel certain the store owners in Dillsboro appreciate your support of their stores, especially since you made note that you were the only person in the store. Possibly no one was accustomed to today's heat.

  4. We stayed in Dillsboro once at the Jarret House Inn. I'm thinking several of there inns do not have ac. We used to go across to Cherokee as a kid, but it's just too touristy now. My hubby has worked on some of the Harrah's buildings. Things have built up more with Harrah's. We're just outside of the Smokies (between there and Knoxville), and it's certainly hot here. We're supposed to get a bit of a break mid week.

  5. We don't have A/C even though it gets very hot in summer (no humidity, which helps). It's a lot easier to get used to the heat when you don't spend time in A/C. I lived in Kenya for a few years, too, and eventually I would bundle up (I actually had a winter coat--brought for mountain climbing) when the temperature got down to 65.
    Dillsboro looks absolutely charming.

  6. Sylva is right next to Dillsboro and of the two little towns, it's by far my favorite! Not so touristy and not nearly as many shops but the ones in Sylva are great- not full of the usual "souvenirs". And then there's Lulu's. A great restaurant that's a must if you're passing through!

  7. The B&B in downtown Dillsboro was the first B&B we ever stayed in....but only stayed there one night and switched to the Squire Watkins down the street..That was 30 years ago.....we love visiting the quaint towns of Dillsboro, Sylva and Franklin....used to be our summer retreats many years ago. It is where I fell in love with black-eyed Susans and Queen Anne's Lace. I am in shock too that you came away with empty hands!....Hope the AC gets repaired very soon!!!

  8. Love going through small towns on my way to my destination! My husband has property for sale in Western North Carolina-near Cherokee. We love living in Florida-both of us moved here as children. So we don't make it up to N.C. as much as we would like!
    Time to sell! Let me know if anyone wants to buy some beautiful land!

  9. Looks like my kind of town! I love those quaint spots!! Hope all is well!!

  10. I've been to the Smoky mountains but not north of it, we should visit this part someday.

  11. You were less than 10 minutes from us, and it's much cooler even just a few miles higher up on the mountain where we are! Hope your ac is fixed soon!

  12. I moved to Connecticut last year from cashiers, nc. If you ever get a chance go visit highlands, nc and cashiers. It is a gem in western NC. Pebble creek village in cashiers is a cute and very inexpensive place to stay. It feels remote but is right in town. Highlands is expensive to stay. And plan to eat lunch at cornucopia in cashiers and dinner at the orchard, also in cashiers.

    1. Mandy, we have been to the Highlands and stayed there a couple times. You are right that it is pricey and we haven't been in years.

  13. What a joy it must have been for you to have this charming town all to yourselves! And clearly, Dillsboro is always "ready for company" even if the company is just one couple! We will definitely visit there soon!

  14. We live only 1 hour from Dillsboro and love to do a day trip there. You need to visit Brevard, NC. just down the road from Dillsboro.

  15. I love places like this. Too bad it's so far away from us. Perhaps fall would be best. That's no fun to loose your air conditioner in the middle of a big heat! We cooled off to mid 60's all of a sudden and it feel rather cool after having near 90 degrees just the other day. Every so often I walk away with nothing on my trips and I think Dan is privately cheering! LOL....

  16. We have property in Franklin and we always stay at the Dillard House. We actually plan a trip up there some time during the summer and I'm glad to know about the café in Dillard, GA, we will definitely check it out. We have friends who have a home on our same mountain where we bought property but I don't think we will ever build on it. We have a farm in GA and I don't want to keep up three homes.

    I am so sorry you are still without air conditioning, that can be miserable. Here in N FL we have gotten up to 102* within the past week and it is extremely humid making it very miserable to be outdoors. Hope it gets fixed soon.


  17. What a gorgeous looking little town. I know Florida, Georgia and New England quite well but I never spent any time in the Carolinas and I am now wishing I had. Everywhere always looks so charming.

  18. It's hot here and our air conditioner doesn't seem to be keeping it cool as usual so we're calling for service tomorrow. Hope it just need a squirt of something! It's been far too long since we've made a trip to the mountains of NC but I have a real yearning to go soon.