Mini Summer Tour


Summer is official and it's time to share how the foyer and dining room look and have looked for several weeks. Old bottles the color of the sea add that summer feel and tie these two areas together and I didn't do this on purpose. It just happened which is the way most of my decorating happens.

I replaced the silver tray that was here before for spring with this reproduction column base to display my bottle collection. 

I added a clam shell, bought in an antique mall last summer, and added two air plants.

Lavender tucked in an old olive pot finishes out the vignette.

More bottles the color of the sea are in the dining room.

This is a simple look on the dining room table with just three green demijohns. Summer is the perfect time for simple. I saw this idea in a magazine and just had to copy it. Don't you love finding new ideas in magazines?

This is how it had looked for awhile.

Recently after changing some things around in the house (who would have thunk) I brought the upholstered bench back in the dining room and I closed the doors on the hutch.
The book on the table is showing the photo of a large clock that I may copy to change up my large clock again. It's actually what I meant for my clock to look like, but when I started painting it went in a different direction.

I painted the starburst mirror and added it in here over the buffet.

I have another project to finish first that Mr. Savvy is helping me with for some July 4th decorating.

Gosh the 4th is almost here!

I wish time would slow down a bit.

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  1. Beautiful...I love the simplicity of the summer vignettes in the foyer and dining room. The colors of the sea are always so serene and a great look for summer. As soon as you enter your home, the sense of calm overwhelms you seeing that beautiful dining room and foyer. Love the bench back in the dining room.

  2. It's always so fun to see your changes, Kim! And all the colors of the sea go so beautifully with your new blues. Simple and lovely!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  3. I absolutely love your vignettes. That column is gorgeous!!! I love your style.

  4. Just beautiful, as always. :)

  5. Kim, so fresh and summery...always beautiful!

  6. The blue colors of the sea and so calming. I love the simplicity of what you have done for summer. Just got back from vacation to OBX so can now start my summer decorating and get back to bloging!!!

  7. I love your seaside summer vignettes. How and where do you find such gorgeous demijohns? They add such character.

    1. Chris, I find them mostly at antique malls. They can be quite pricey, but I have lucked up on some good deals and only buy those. I refuse to pay a fortune for them.

  8. I love bringing out pretty bottles to use in the summer...yours look beautifully displayed. It's funny how closing the doors on your hutch creates a whole different impact in your dining room...very lovely.
    Mary Alice

  9. I love the old bottles and shells - living in Florida, I could use that year round.

  10. As always, your house looks lovely.

    I love the little enamel pitcher holding hydrangeas.

  11. I absolutely love the demijohns, great idea, I can quite see why you copied it and I in turn am going to copy you! I have seen many for sale in our local Brocante, I think they would look lovely on the dining room table in our guest house, a nice summer touch - looks like I am going shopping tomorrow!

  12. The red trim on the enamel pitcher is perfect with those blue hydrangeas. I love red white & blue done with imagination! Lovely!

  13. Love your green bottles, Kim! I have some of the same smaller ones ... now I need to get the bigger ones like yours. They're beautiful.

  14. Love your photos, my favorite. Is the white pot with the hydrangea .

  15. Great summer looks - especially the demijohns!
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara