Simple Summer Sitting Room


Say that title three times fast! 
Last week I shared the summer foyer and dining room  and now it's on to the sitting room. It's hard to make this room look summery, but with a few accessories that say summer and some lighter fabric pillows and I can call it a simple summer sitting room. 

I replaced the dough bowl that has sat here for months with this wicker basket tray from my stash. Some coral and a little ironstone bowl filled with shells plus a plant add a touch of summer.

My favorite vintage French ticking pillows mixed with the leopard are perfect in here. I'm glad I can use my pillows from one room to the next.

My assistant trying to ignore me.

Vintage binoculars for bird watching if you're so inclined.

I leave the ironstone and china in the vaisselier year round. Haven't found anything to replace it with.
I know it's hard to believe that I can leave anything the same that long.

A patriotic space is coming up next!


  1. Everything looks great. You always do such a great job on decorating.

    Happy 4th of July.

  2. It all looks great, Kim. I am doing the same thing: summerizing the house. I am using my LARGE collection of shells.

  3. Kim, it looks great. I so love the French pillow and the gorgeous chair it's on... :-) Love the tufted ottoman too!!

  4. The sitting room gives you a great feel of both warmth and cozy and the lightness of summer at the same time....a great achievement of all senses....

  5. I need to have you come summerize my home. I have been so busy I haven't done a thing! Your house looks lovely. Love the boot shapers!

  6. Your home is so very beautiful! I love how unique it is and how you make it your own...yet, it has classic style!

  7. looks luvly Kim. Luv the magnifying glass. Such detail.
    Happy 4th.

  8. I love this room, and everything always looks so pretty. I especially love that striped chair, it is awesome.

  9. It's very elegant yet cozy. You have a nice, calm color palette, yet it isn't boring. Must be the black accents and the leopard!
    Love your carpet.

  10. Kim, your sitting room looks so elegant yet airy at the same. Love all the details such as the vintage binoculars!

  11. It's great fun to mix things up a little and move change things as per the season, but I agree, there are some things that just need to stay, year round. These are the anchoring points and add much stability. Love your photos

  12. The blue and white leopard print pillows bring in just the right summer feel and I like the arrangement on the ottoman. That vaisselier is a gorgeous piece of furniture!

  13. Lovely! Are your paint colors posted anywhere on your blog? I love the color of the sitting room!

    1. Yes, if you search paint colors it will show up in one of the posts. This room is Wheeling Neutral by Benjamin Moore. Thanks