Styling a Southern Front Porch


Today I thought it would be fun to share an old post from 2011 with y'all to show how easy it is to shop your house and style a front porch since it is porch sitting season, well when it's not blazing hot it is. Of course you can shop your house and style any room this way, but this was something fun I did on my sister's front porch before she started her blog.
One thing my sister has that I don't is a nice front porch. All I have is a stoop. I went to her house the other day so we could style her porch and do a photo shoot. Of course I am not a professional. Just fun seeing what we could come up with.

This is what it looked like when I arrived. Not bad, but we had fun grabbing things from her house and dressing it up a little.

We added this coverlet that I brought with me and threw it over the swing. 

Then we dismantled her house by grabbing pillows from here and there.

This is the back side of a grain sack pillow. I liked it better without the very black print showing.

The striped pillows in the rockers came off her bench in her foyer.

This large basket of fruit was on her coffee table. Thought it was the perfect country touch.

We added a coverlet from her bedroom to this chair on the other side of the porch and another pillow from inside. 

The pink toile print fabric thrown across the back to tie in the colors we were using is actually a dress that she picked up at the flea market. She was using it on her bench inside. I was so surprised that it was a dress. Now that is thinking outside the box.

This toile pillow on the swing is actually a skirt she picked up at the flea market and it is just glued together to form a pillow cover.

 The statue on the floor she had already brought out from her bathroom.

We draped a piece of burlap over the table between the chairs and added my large farm style pitcher that I brought. We tied a piece of burlap around that to cover the red checked pattern on it. 

Of course you have to have either lemonade or sweet iced tea on a hot summer day.

Her fern is thriving well.

These are some faux flowers from inside since we didn't have any real ones to use. They really look real. She bought them recently at Pier One.

She had three of these flower boxes hanging on the front of the railing.

While we were playing on the front porch her boston terrier was in the yard playing with what he calls a stick. More like a log!

This is the finished look just by using what she had on hand.

Thanks sis for letting me play on your porch.

 My sister has a blog you can visit for those of you who didn't know this.
The Essence of Home

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Isn't it fun to look back? Her porch turned out beautifully.

  2. That was fun, Kim! What a good idea to use a piece of clothing for a faux pillow. I also do not have a front porch and I really want one! My little ranch just has a stoop, also. Don't ranch houses--I mean real ranch houses--have huge long front porches? I don't know how they can call this ranch a ranch without a porch! False advertising--or something like that!

    You gals did a great job. I would have a couple rocking chairs on my porch, two or three old crocks with geraniums and petunias in them, a little side table between the chairs to hold drinks, etc. and I really like the idea of the window boxes on the railing at your sister's house. What else? That fern is beautiful and tempting, but I have not had good luck growing ferns. Somehow, my thumb turns brown when they see me coming!

    Yes, porches. I do love porches. Every house should have a porch. And it should never be enclosed like you see done. Then the purpose is ruined because part of the charm of the porch is that you can say hello to passersby. Unless, of course you live out of town and don't have passersby. But you can still enjoy the night air or the afternoon sun and the smell of the earth and the plants and the birds that sail past.

    Now, I am going over to see your sister's blog. Who started her blog first?

  3. You and Kelly are a great decorating team!!

  4. I so remember this....Nice to talented sisters working together!!....

  5. Just started following your blog so the flash back was nice to see! Love the porch redo. My favorite color is red so I think those pops of color are fantastic.I have a front porch, though a small one. It was a want when we built our house 23 years ago. Wish it was just a tad bigger so I could have a porch swing.

  6. OMG! I haven't seen these pics in ages. I forgot about that one. I don't even have those pillows anymore. You really did a good job of styling the porch for great photos. I wish it looked like that every day!

  7. You both have such great style! Love the updates and those gorgeous fabrics. That Boston Terrier looks like quite a character!

  8. I love both your blogs. This post made me picture you two as little girls playing house:-) I still feel that way when I'm "staying" or rearranging things. Have a great weekend!

  9. You two girls can decorate almost anything into beauty. Great job on the pretty decor to Kelly's porch. Max is a hoot!

  10. Love Kelly's porch. The two of you work well together. I also am a big fan of red. My porch is really small and I'm motavated to make some changes.