The Summer Living Room


Last year the summer living room/great room was so much darker with the red sofa and chair. This year it's light and bright and a breath of fresh air.

A couple months ago I bought a new rug for summer in the right size for this room and the color is called ocean. Perfect for summer, don't you think?

The rug is by Dash & Albert and it is so soft. I'm not getting anything for sharing this. I have several D&A rugs and the smaller ones can be tossed in the washer when they get dirty. I ordered the 6 x 9 which is a better fit than the 5 x 8 that I had in here. 

It is hard to find rugs the correct size for this room. I have to keep the floor by this area clear as it is the walkway to the master bedroom. 

This shows where we walk to the master. The antlers that used to hang over the mantel have been moved to this wall.

Sideboard makeover here.

The new trellis pillows just happens to repeat the pattern in the arched window and the planters on the mantel. I realized this after the room was put together.

I replaced the vintage scale with two blue and white jars.

I know I'm going to enjoy filling this old wooden bowl, bought for a song, with different seasonal items.

On the television side I added a sea fan.

The hydrangeas I had here were looking poorly so I replaced the ironstone pitcher with this old trophy and some greenery.

If you don't have a green thumb just get you a few of these air plants. Mine are thriving.

I don't have kids in school anymore, but can you believe schools around here start in four weeks or even earlier?
I haven't even finished sharing summer in my home and haven't been on vacation yet, but I will be sticking my toes in the sand soon!

Have an awesome week!


  1. I am hereby stealing/copying your brilliant idea to put a medici planter in the fireplace. I have been wondering what to do with them. Thank you for solving the dilemma!
    Believe it or not, school in France got out on July 5. They go back at the start of September. With no A/C, those last weeks of class are miserable.

  2. Loving the new summer look of the great room!....So bright and cheery!!!

  3. We have some schools that start late August, others that start after Labor Day. We never do the beach in summer months. Our favorite times to hit the beach are spring/fall. Mainly islands/beaches near Charleston.

    I have a toile pillow in the same fabric out right now. It's the lumbar size though.

    1. Tina, we weren't even going to go to the beach this year, but our daughter invited us to come stay with them again. Good to do family time.

  4. Your room looks very cool and relaxing. I love the way the little bit of blue in your chair stands out with that new rug.

  5. Just beautiful as always, Kim! I love the rug and all your pretty summer touches.

  6. Love the light, summery feel of your room! The rug is perfect...Happy Monday. Pam @ Everyday Living

  7. It looks beautiful, Kim. Very bright and airy, which says summer to me too! That is amazing that the kids will be going back to school so soon. I am NOT ready for summer to be over!!

  8. Beautiful! I love the fresh airy tone the room conveys. Your fireplace arrangement is my favorite. Still envying your new sofa and now the rug! If you need a house sitter while you are sunning on the beach, give me a call.😉

  9. It really is like a breath of fresh air in there, Kim! I love the rug. Dash and Albert has so many pretty styles to choose from. I have a couple and will probably buy more. Enjoy your week!

  10. I do like the rug and the fresh feeling it offers the room. The pillows on the sofa and the arrangement around the tv are perfect.
    Schools don't start here until the day after Labor Day but they don't get out until around June 10.

  11. Bright and airy and comfy. I wish we had a room like this in our home. It all looks so inviting.

  12. I am a reader who has changed her decor so many times in my lifetime, I have lost count. My family comes to visit from out of state and wander around to see all the changes "this time." I am an avid thrifter, love garage sales, and manage to find wonderful things at incredible prices. And I love decorating on a dime, and helping others do so as well.

    AS many of my sister readers, I have decor in boxes in my closets, under my bed and in my outside storage closet. But living in a small one bedroom apartment has its drawbacks when it comes to storage, so sometimes I sell things on Craig's list or give it away to someone who can use it.

    I have tried Country, French Country, Bohemian, Traditional, you name it I have tried it. Now I have been bitten by the bug to pare down my belongings and embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. I will never be a TRUE minimalist, but I do find that I am happier with less clutter, everything organized, and find that acquiring material things do not ensure happiness.

    AS summer arrives, I began to fell a bit overwhelmed and experienced the urge to pare down from all the winter's "cluttered coziness". I started by eliminating anything red or orange and I remove any extra decor pieces.

    I enjoy more color in the winter,and I like rooms accented in Red or Burnt Orange, but find I cannot live with it all year round.)

    Paring down these extra items leaves me with a blank slate with only my main upholstered pieces which are in neutral tones.

    I live in an apartment and the walls are a pale beige. Sometimes it is wonderful, and sometimes it is a curse. In my dream rooms, all walls are white. I love white. But I also love cream and it pairs well with tan, beige, and many colors. So I just deal with it.

    Because Turquoise is my signature color, and I must always have it somewhere in my decor. In the winter I use the darker shades of Turquoise, and in the spring I use a lighter shade of soft aqua blue and include a few touches of spring green and some nature inspired accessories, like seashells, green plants and of course wicker baskets, furry throws, ironwork, etc. ensuring the room has lots of different textures.

    Because I have little color other than my neutrals, my room instantly feels serene and peaceful. A Zen feeling. A room I love to spend time in. This is what your room does for me as I view the photos. Good Job!

  13. Really lovely! I wish I had your eye for decorating! Enjoy your time at the beach with family -

  14. Oh kim it is so pretty. i love the lighter look.

  15. I bet you love the lighter look. I had a red couch that I adored. I miss it sometimes but I've gone lighter too.
    I'm not at all ready for school to start.

  16. Gorgeous as always!! I love the whole room :-)


  17. The room looks fabulous and the rug seems so soft, I'll be walking barefoot if I ever visit you ;)

  18. Hi Kim, I'm about to do some painting - finally lightening up all some of my very outdated colors. What is the color in your great room? Is it Manchester Tan? Thanks!