Cashiers Showhouse Tour....part two


Yesterday I shared part one of the Cashiers showhouse that we toured on Saturday. Today we are continuing with the study and the living room which was my favorite plus more.

Right across from the master bedroom is the study. Just look at those original planked walls. The ceiling planks and beams were painted to make the room feel lighter. 

This room was a mix of rustic and modern.

Here is a full shot of the room from here since I could not get a good shot with the cloudy skies and folks in the way.

This is the living room decorated so beautifully yet it felt so cozy. This was my favorite room and the designer was there talking about the room. 

The pair of leather wing backs in front of the fire are antiques and were calling my name.

Here is a photo from the realestate site.

Now into the kitchen which has a view out to the back yard.

A better look from the website.

Pretty table set in the breakfast room.

The other favorite space was right outside. It felt so good outside and the dining and seating areas beckon you to sit a spell.

The patio area was surrounded by lush vegetation. It was so darn pretty and my pictures don't do it justice.

This is the view from the seating area on the patio.
 It was sprinkling at the time. I bet this is beautiful when the leaves change.

More still to come.


  1. What a stunning home, all the rooms are beautiful. Love the kitchen and the outdoor rooms. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the house.

    Looks like you, Shirley and husbands had a great time.


  2. Kim, I agree the living room is beautiful with the antique leather chairs! The outside areas look like they would be great for entertaining!

  3. Just lovely! The only thing I did not like was the cubes used in the dining room. How uncomfortable that looked. I can not imagine eating a meal perched on one of those cubes.

  4. Such a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing more of your visit. Love the living room. I've added it to my Pinterest Board.

  5. Beautiful Kim! I love the upholstered cubes for casual seating at the table.

  6. Love the living room ... very cozy (especially the beautiful wing chairs by the fireplace).

  7. Thanks for the tour! I love the living rooms planked ceilings and the walls! Love the wing chairs too and the equestrian painting!

  8. I am so thrilled to see color making a comeback. I'm beyond tired of all the whitewashed banality of most of the decorating trends I see in magazines and blogs the last couple of years. Yes, they look clean, but they're boring beyond belief. These interiors shown here are warm and inviting. Love it!

  9. Those plank walls are amazing. It's so lucky nobody decided to "redo" those over the years.

  10. The great room/family room was probably one of my favorite rooms in this house! Loved how they painted the plank walls.

  11. I am loving this tour and can't wait to see the rest!!

  12. The outside is as impressive as the inside. I would spend my time on the patio!

  13. A very lovely home. Much more formal than I would be comfortable in, however. Although there are a few furniture pieces that I could probably live with. That mirror in the study is really scary but I like the couch a lot. Of course, the kitchen is a dream as is the master bath. The other thing that is so beautiful about this house in the scenery out every window.I can only imagine what the place lists for.

    Glad you had a fun day touring with your bestie!