How To Decorate with Breadboards


Hello Friday! Y'all ready for the weekend? It's been one of those weeks with issues for renewing my blog domain and worrying it would disappear in a few weeks but it's all fixed, Miss Bailey had a very expensive vet visit just for shots and skin issues, and Mr. Savvy hasn't felt well so I'm more that ready to say goodbye to this week.
 It's time for more decorating ideas using collections and today it's all about vintage breadboards. I have quite a collection and it is hard for me to walk by them when I spy them while out hunting. Sometimes they are priced higher than I'm willing to spend and actually I don't really need more. I have used them in many different ways throughout my home. 

This is a vignette in the sun room at present since I brought the tufted ottoman back in after moving the blue bench to the guest room. Yes, shuffling again. The breadboard makes a firm base on the tufted ottoman to hold the magazines, coral and a large cloche.

This was a fall vignette from 2013.

Summer vignette using the breadboard as a backdrop with a real sea fan attached to it and then some coral sitting on a vintage scale in front.

 Used as a base for a fall vignette or centerpiece in the breakfast room.

Another idea for the French farm table.

Layered and lots of texture in this vignette.

Used as art in the kitchen.

Use a collection of boards in a gallery wall. I have had this wall this way for a couple years and still love it.

I use the ones on display in the old bread box.

I used a breadboard on top of these stacked baskets, used as a nightstand, to make a firm surface for the lamp and accessories in the updated guest room.

I love how Mary Alice of Chateau Chic took this old breadboard and placed on a base and used it as a table.

This collection looks great just placed in a large basket.

I love how my friend Shirley from Housepitality Designs layered breadboards on her mantel.

This is such a cute idea using them as plates for a dinner party.

Besides decorating with my large vintage boards I also use them.

Do you collect breadboards?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I have a huge bread board/pastry board of cherry wood that my great-uncle made for me when I was born. I use it a lot and it has been to several countries with me, even though it's 2 ft x 3 ft.
    But that isn't decor. I love what you did with the breadboard on top of the wicker basket nightstand. And using one as a tabletop on a footstool is brilliant, too.
    We have a bunch of round wooden cutting boards that husband thinks are great for for dinner plates when we have steaks from the grill.

  2. I love your collection. That gallery wall of them looks fantastic! I have about 4, but am on the look out for more. Love them!

  3. Kim, bread boards are so versatile and you have shown so many ways that you incorporate them in beautiful vignettes! As always, so many fabulous ideas! Have a wonderful weekend, Pam @ Everyday Living

  4. Can I come live in your house??? Pretty please... I won't be a bother. I just want to sit and soak up all the beautiful decor. No? Ok, I'll just have to be content reading your blog. Your home looks amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  5. You have such a beautiful collection of breadboards!....I always love how you use them in your home...always such beautiful how Mary Alice uses them too....and thanks so much for featuring my mantel....Have a great weekend ... and I am sure that next week will be a great one!!!....Hope Mr. Savvy is feeling better!

  6. Kim, in regards to your comment about Miss Bailey's skin problems. I have 3 indoor Chihuahuas. I had so many problems with constant scratching and then they would develop bare spots and even scabs. Cortisone shots and lots of other remedies tried. Finally I tried the new Seresto dog collars. They cost about $49 each but last 8 months. I cannot believe what a difference it made for my dogs. No scratching, no hot spots and no sores. Depending on what kind of problem Miss Bailey is having, I would recommend you at least try one.

  7. Your breadboard collection is the stuff that dreams are made of! I've got a couple but would love to add to my collection. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. You have inspired me. I need to see what I can come up with now. 😊

  9. I love how you've used them all thru your house. Had to pin all your pics!

  10. You have the most wonderful collection, Kim! And the gallery wall is beautiful!

  11. I love all of the ways you use them. I do collect bread boards as well, but mine have been packed away since we moved into this house. They just didn't fit the design here. I can hardly wait to get this house sold and get into a house that is more "me".

  12. Love how you use the bread boards in all different decor through the house. I like how you used them as solid tops for the basket night stand. Thanks for all the different ideas.

  13. Each one charming, Kim. I have my bread boards stacked on a shelf of a bamboo piece that holds my trays in the kitchen. Love the idea of the boards stacked in that basket. I have the basket, but no boards that large.

  14. I really like the look. I think I need to start a collection.

  15. Hope Mr. Savvy is feeling better. I wish I had some but don't have any vintage breadboards:( LOVE how you use them.

  16. Love, LOVE, LOVE...Love breadboards. I have a few, some in shapes. One is in a pumpkin shape. I used to have a wonderful pig one but I don't know what happened to it. Looking for a replacement. Love the cloche with the one in the first picture. Love your displays. So inspiring!