Fall Decor Ideas for a Small Porch


I shared this post as a guest post a few weeks ago for my friend Shirley while she healed from some surgery, but thought I would post it here with a few changes just in case you missed it. It is still rather hot here....hurry up fall..... so I haven't begun to decorate my front porch yet. These are some ways I have added fall to this small space in the past. I don't have a large southern porch, but I can still dress up the space I have. You can click on the highlighted links to see the full post.

This was my first time styling my porch for fall in 2011. Before blogging I really didn't think much about it, but found out it's fun adding some fall decor to the outside.

In 2012 I made a welcome basket full of fall foliage.

Layers of flowers, fall plants, pumpkins and a door swag were used in 2013.

I even tucked a pretty mum in a vintage apple basket and placed it on the bench in the front yard.

In 2014 I was part of a blog hop and wanted to do something different. Something no one else would think of and I did it with Mr. Savvy's help.

Instead of the normal wreath, swag or basket that most people add to a door I wanted to hang a basket of apples and the idea worked out perfectly. 

This was my favorite and apparently I didn't share the front porch last year. 

Instead I concentrated on my back deck that had been transformed last summer.

I'm looking forward to adding fall style this year if it ever cools down. I can't even keep the summer plants from wilting.

 The first official day of fall is on Thursday 9/22.
 I sure hope Mother Natures takes cue.

BTW the front door is no longer that color. I changed it last year to a sage green when we got the new shutters.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Kim, that basket of apples hanging on your front door is so imaginative and clever! All of your past fall touches are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your new and I'm sure special ones!
    Happy Sunday~

  2. Oh i love the basket of apples too. Genius.

  3. I have to say...mums in baskets are my favorites. I used to have some old baskets like those and guess they were "downsized" out when we moved. Wish I had them now! Ha. Sheila

  4. Kim, such wonderful Fall inspiration! I love the basket of apples! I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. Beautiful porch inspiration, Kim!

  6. Your porch always looks great in every season....but I love Fall the best with the beautiful mums and decor...must say, other than the back deck...that the apple basket porch is my fav!

  7. I love seeing the changes over the years. That apple basket is just adorable! Yes, I hope it cools off real soon. It's still warm even here in NJ!

  8. P.S. Thanks for guest posting for me when I was recovering from my hand surgery!

  9. You do good work, girl! My favorite porch decor is the 2014 one with the apple basket on the door and the mums in old baskets. I have yet to plan what I will do on my front porch for Fall. It is super small, if yours is small! I have a new, large planter this year that I will change over from summer to fall flowers. And I might add some pumpkins. I have some fake ones that I can plug in to look like candles burning in them, and I might paint them. I'm kind of taken with the white pumpkins this year, so I might try painting them white and add some smaller orange ones. I've never had a corn shock (? sp.), but I might get one this year for a change. Depends on how my energy holds!

  10. I have a very small porch, too. These are wonderful ideas and the postman won't hate me! ;-D


  11. Questions, questions: Did you attach the apples somehow so they don't bounce out when you open/shut the door?
    The shutter on the back porch: Is it attached at the bottom? It's very windy here, and I look at everything with an eye of "how would that stay put?" the way I used to look at the steep driveways when I moved here and think "how do they get out when it snows"--it doesn't snow here, duh!
    I love those baskets with mums. Such a shot of color!

    1. Yes, the fake apples were attached so they wouldn't fall out. I had styrofoam in the basket and stuck picks in the bottom of the apples. The shutters are hanging from a chain from the pergola. Thanks!

  12. The apple basket was the best and so creative. With this heat still continuing I wonder what our winter is going to be like. Happy day!

  13. I am dying over the back porch set up! I just want to snuggle up there with a PSL!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  14. Year in and year out, your front Fall Porch is so pretty Kim!