Full On Nesting Mode


Seems like whenever there is a change of season coming up I go into some kind of crazy nesting mode and usually some furniture pieces that I have painted before end up being my targets. It's such an easy way to update a piece and to breathe new life into a room. Well, in the last two weeks I have painted three pieces and stripped one. Yep, full on nesting mode!

This end table got a new look combining a sage green and charcoal gray and some silver gilding on the handles.

Here is how it looked before. It was way too bright when I brought in my new antique English table.
Adding the warmer colors made a huge difference.

The end table in the corner of the sunroom got an update, too. This poor table has been painted four times, I think.

This is the last before look had the dark base and a lighter top.

All I did for this one was to paint the top darker. It's nice having a touch of black in here with the light walls, floor and furniture.

This little coffee table that I shared in the sunroom post received a new look, too.

I got this table from my sister a few years ago and it came with a natural wood planked top that I lived with for awhile. Then I got a wild hair and painted it white.

Not too long after that I painted the top with red milk paint. Then the table was replaced with an over sized ottoman and it ended up in our garage with the recycle bin sitting on it.

While making the recent changes in the sunroom I decided to use the table again and this time I wanted the wood planks back to the original look so the stripper came out.

This was very easy to strip and I decided to leave touches of the old paint here and there.

If you are still with me and kept count I shared two painted tables and one stripped one.
The third painted piece will be shared soon. It's a piece I painted five years ago and I shared a peek of it on instagram a few days ago.

If you want to update a room and can't afford to buy something new maybe a can of paint is all you need for a piece of furniture or even lamps or accessories.

Happy painting!


  1. Looks great Kim! Love that little table you stripped. I wish I could be nesting. I was on the back porch yesterday at the new house wishing I could just grab a broom to clean it off and put out our new patio furniture. At least it will be cooler once I finally do get to do some nesting!:)

  2. Every time I see your painting projects, I get inspired to try a few myself. I haven't painted many things in my home yet but it's definitely a great way to freshen things up! Enjoy your September 1st nesting!

  3. How busy you have been! I love the striped table with the red showing.

  4. The end table really turned out lovely ♥


  5. Love all the changes. I really like the planked table that you stopped and left some old paint peeking through. I Lethe power of paint to transform and freshen things up.

  6. You are tireless, girl! The tables look great. Your sitting room is still my favorite room in your house. I LOOOOOVE it:)

  7. These look great. And so much better than changing furniture out for something new. Just changing the color or placement makes it feel new.

  8. Love the new looks! I do love how you kept the specs of red paint on the table...I am a bit of a nesting mode , but unfortunately can't paint!! :( Come on over and nest in my house!!!

  9. Love the fearless way you approach furniture painting.

  10. I too love the little table you stripped! Though my favorite color is red, it looks amazing now!

  11. Great ideas for paint....love the transformations.

  12. A change is as good as a rest! I am still loving the English table you bought and it looks good with everything else. I think it is that end of summer urge to change things around, I want to de clutter, (with five children I always want to de clutter!) and I want to mix things up a little, now if I can just find the time!!!

  13. Luv the little stripped table Kim. Might have to try your stripper.
    Happy nesting.

  14. Kim, you just made me tired 😊. Love the new looks, especially the table you stripped! Pam @ Everyday Living

  15. Love your nesting mode Kim. I am so in love always with your sunroom. It is just gorgeous. I would live out there. Your little table looks like the one I just did in my living room. I love that you went back to the exposed planks. So pretty.

  16. I love your changes Kim! You are a magician with a paintbrush. LOVE the stripped top of your table. You are one busy girl!

  17. Great! We have sold our home and looking for a new one and I love getting ideas from you. What are the French magazines stored in in the first photo? It almost looks like a cement urn!

    1. That is the urn that was in my fireplace. It isn't cement, it's that lightweight stuff. Thanks

  18. I loved the stripped table! You are a master at knowing just how to give something new life. I've been looking at an old pine dresser, trying to figure out how to repaint it for years!

  19. I love the look of the stripped table and the way you kept small pieces of paint on it.