True Story


I shared this post a year ago and thought I would share it again since it is apple picking season. I wish it was cooler, but we are going again today since I need more apples.

Me: Dear, we need to go to an apple orchard and pick some apples.

Him:  Do what??

Me: We need to go to an apple orchard and pick apples.

Him: Why? Can't you just buy some in the store?

Me: No, I want some fresh apples that haven't been waxed and polished and I would like some leaves attached to them.

Him: Why?

Me: I need them for a fall photo shoot that is coming up.

Him: Oh, of course you do. How about this weekend?

Me: That's Labor Day weekend, but that's fine with me.

And that is exactly how it went down. Yep, store bought apples were not what I wanted.

I sure am glad he understands what I need to do for my blog. We drove to Ellijay, Georgia to the R & A Apple Orchards which is a family run business. To pick apples you ride in a wagon behind a large tractor and get a history lesson at the same time. It was a little warmer than we would have liked, but I needed the apples and it's just what you do.

Wouldn't one of these make a cool coffee table?

We are off again to the north Georgia mountains. I sure do wish it was cooler, but again it is hot.

Have a good one!


  1. Good Morning Kim. You are just so cute. Hey if you need apples of course you go to the apple orchard. Plus I agree you need fresh ones with the leaves attached. Your hubby is a keeper to go along and understand the blogging world. Glad you had some fun getting your apples. Happy New Week.

  2. Enjoyed this post. We used to live in Georgia, and my grandmother was born in Ellijay in the 1800's! I wish I could go pick some apples today.

  3. Your husband is the best! I'm looking forward to your photo shoot, they're always stellar.

    1. Thanks Karen. No photos this trip. We just bought the apples inside. Too hot to pick.

  4. Still a cute story, love the photo of applies and leaves.

  5. Oh I would love some place to pick apples. At least he is agreeable, my DH would have said have a good time and stayed home.

  6. Your pictures really bring the trip to life. We spent some time in that area a few years ago. Loved the area and are planning more trips there soon. Hoping it has cooled off before we get there.

  7. Cute story and beautiful pics! ~julie

  8. Mr. Savvy does get the Good Husband award. He paints! He glues! He goes apple picking! You're a lucky lady. Although apple picking isn't exactly a horrible demand. He's lucky to have you!
    We used to pick apples in the orchards near the J. Sterling Morton mansion (like the salt....he's the guy who brought Arbor Day to the U.S.). An annual must-do. Very fond memories.

  9. I can just imagine that conversation!!!.....I love the town of Ellijay!...

  10. We go to Cedar Glen here in my neck of the woods in California. Big tourist attraction. Even Huell Howser did a piece on it. We back a picnic even though there's great places to eat. But their famous for their xxxl apple pies! Sky high and fresh. Great day outing. Oh and famous apple cider!

  11. How cute. That's an understanding husband. Sorry it was so hot.

  12. Love your pics and yes the leaves on the apples make a big difference. Your Mr is so understanding!