Country Living Fair Atlanta 2016


I love when the Country Living Fair comes to town and I spent all day there with my sister on Friday. I'm telling y'all my legs still hurt....can we say out of shape. After being very summer like right before the day of the fair it was very windy and chilly on Friday. Not complaining here because it wasn't hot! It was so windy that pine needles were landing in everyone's hair. I'm glad no large tree parts were falling. The turn out on Friday was like a Saturday or Sunday crowd. I guess everyone took off from work.

This was a cool way of using a round frame around a painted canvas. Yes, that's canvas.

I really liked these old chippy house parts, but didn't get one. They would make great lamps.

Here are some that were turned into lamps and the prices were quite good.

Of course I always make a point to visit my favorite booth that carries all my European favorites. This is where a few of my vintage breadboards are from. 

While I was looking around one of the owners asked me if I was Kim? Why, yes, I am! She told me she reads my blog and thanked me for the past posts about their booth. I had no idea that she  even knew about my blog. It always thrills me when people recognize me. The Tomsyck's are from Charlotte, NC and they go to Europe to shop and bring back these items to sell.

Of course I am going to say nice things when they carry all the things I collect.

Their booth is certainly one to visit if you collect European antiques like I do. I wish I could have gone back on Saturday or today, but we have other obligations so see y'all again next year!

This booth had some great corbels.

You seriously never know what you will see here!

There is always some cool things in the main building, too. There was a nice roaring fire going that we would have loved to just hang out by, but we had lots to still see.

I wish I had gotten one of these cool looking things. Would make a great bookend.

I would love one of these stuffed pheasants, but they always cost a bit more than I'm willing to pay.
What's really cool is this unusual scale.

I have never seen one like this before. Have y'all?

The vendors selling the signs like the Farmhouse one I bought last year for my sunroom were back.

I almost bought this unique ironstone pitcher. I have never seen one marked ice water before, but it was more than I wanted to pay probably because it is rare.

I've heard you can turn almost anything into a lamp.....and well, yep I guess you can.

This booth even had shiplap!

There was also art, clothes, jewelry, candles, Christmas decorations, food and so much more. If you ever get a chance to go, do it. 

Soon I'll show you what came home with me.

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Enjoy your day!


  1. Love everything you posted, and I also love your style. I may have to make a special trip from Virginia next year to go. Is it always the same weekend every year?

    1. Yes, it is always at this time in October here. There are other CL fairs around the country, too. One of the others may be closer to you.

  2. I have gone to two CL fairs in Ohio and absolutely loved them!! Next year I'm going back and need to start saving my pennies now... :)

  3. I have never been to one of the CL fairs but would love to go. There were some fabulous things there, Kim. I have never seen a scale like that one either. I used to have John's grandmother's stuffed pheasant but my sil wanted it so I passed it along to her. Should I tell you her cat ripped it apart? I was sick.

    Enjoy your Sunday- xo Diana

  4. I'm drooling here! Tried to trick my hubby into going to Atlanta, but he wasn't going for it. I would've loved to see the fair first hand, but your tour is wonderful.

  5. My goal is to attend one of the Country Living Fairs! Even though it's cross country...

  6. I've wanted to go to the CL Fair for ages. I nearly got to go to the one in Ohio this year, but family situations made it impossible. Next year, I hope. From your photos, Kim, it looks like you could find just about anything! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  7. Thanks for taking us along. Country Living had a fair here years ago, but haven't been in Austin since. Wish they would bring it back. I saw on of the Ice Water pitcher's last year at Round Top and walked away because of the price. It is one of those pieces I regret not taking home. Fun to see another one.

  8. Looks like a lot of great treasures at the Fair this year....I am loving all of those great architectural pieces!

  9. thank you for sharing your pictures-- I've always wanted to go to this event.

  10. Oh my!!! I was so excited just looking at your pictures. I will put this on my calendar for next year. Are they there the same weekend each October?

  11. There is a CL Fair in Nashville, but I believe in the spring. I would love to find a pair of nice, chunky corbels! No birds (or any animal stuffed LOL)! Birds kind of creep me out - unless they are outside. Great chair.

  12. I miss being able to go. I only got to go one time and it was the best day but now these knees wont let me do all that walking. I so enjoyed your pictures Kim. I could have done some shopping from just looking at things I would have loved to have in your pictures. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  13. We had this show in Columbus,Ohio a couple of months ago. After looking at your pictures I wish I had gone. Did you buy anything?

    1. Linda, yes I did. I shared the chair a few days ago and have some small pieces to share soon,