My Home's Paint Colors Updated


It's been a couple of years since I shared my home's paint colors and I get asked all the time so I thought I would do an updated post since some of the colors have changed. All the paint in our home is by Benjamin Moore. I have tried other brands and I always come back to Benjamin Moore. I use Regal Matte for the walls so imperfections don't show up. It's a finish between flat and eggshell. All the trim is in Chantilly Lace in semi gloss.
 If you want to see the full post of each room just click the highlighted link.

Great Room, foyer, stairwell and upstairs hallway, since it all ties together, is in Manchester Tan. Sometimes it still looks too yellow to me so I will choose a new color some day and would love to hire someone to paint all that instead of Mr. Savvy and me.

Sitting room: Wheeling Neutral.

The dining room walls are White Dove and the ceiling is York Harbor Yellow by Benjamin Moore. 

Breakfast room and kitchen: French Canvas on the walls and Chantilly Lace on the beadboard and trim.

Sun Room: White Dove Ceiling is actually a very pale mint green, but I don't remember what the color is.

Master: Alexandria Beige on the walls. Not sure what the ceiling color is since a painter did it.

Master bath walls and cabinets in Revere Pewter.

Farmhouse style guest room: White Dove with a faux planked wall behind the bed.

French Style: French Canvas

This picture is old and our grass has filled in, but I get emails all the time asking me what the paint color is of the exterior of our house. Our house is a stucco finish done with Dryvit and the color is built in. We used the color Van Dyke which I would describe as a khaki or milk chocolate with more milk than chocolate. The shutters and garage doors are painted Devonshire by Benjamin Moore.


  1. I always love paint color posts! I know colors look different in every home but seeing what someone else uses can be a great starting off point. I have Manchester Tan in my kitchen and family room. I know what you mean about it appearing yellow at times. That side of my house gets a lot of sunlight and sometimes the paint does take on a yellowish look. I like it a lot in more neutral light though. Have a great weekend Kim! Looks like a rainy one for us!

  2. My favorite is the Revere Pewter...I used it on the outside of our house, including our new pergola. It is a lovely soft gray...

  3. Your wall colors are so warm and cozy in your house. You get such wonderful natural light with your windows and those colors really shine. Happy Weekend Kim.

  4. Your home is gorgeous Kim.

  5. Love your colors, Kim. That is what I use, too, Benjamin Moore. I have also had pretty good luck with the Behr paints. I have used White Dove for trim work for our last three houses and still love it. It is a warm white which suits me.
    Have a great weekend. We were down to 36° this morning. UGH! xo Diana

  6. I love all of the colors through out your house.

  7. Your home looks lovely all the time!

  8. I too love BM paint. We plan to use it when we have the interior painted after the holidays. I generally use eggshell on the walls for the washability factor, but hate that it can't be touched up without being noticeable and it does make the imperfections (nail pops and such) stand out. Do you find the Regal Matte to be durable? Is it washable? And how about touch ups? Sorry for all the questions ;-)

  9. Lovely home! Can we get more info on your draperies?

    1. I normally name where I buy my things. If you want to see a specific room just use my search box on the right sidebar. You can type in sunroom or guest room, etc. None of my drapes are expensive except my dining room ones are custom from an etsy shop. Thanks

  10. Beautiful home! Inside and out! It's so nice to see neutral colors other than gray! I thought I was the only one who didn't have much gray!

  11. It was nice to have a look at the different rooms in one post, I never would have guessed you had so many different paints and I had never noticed how beautiful the sunroom ceiling was.

  12. Kim, viewing your dinning room table and chairs. LOVE the white chairs with a wood tone table top. Your home is bright and airy and looks comfortable. Love your blog and ideas!