Revisiting a Whimsical Guestroom


Sometimes it's fun to look back at our old posts and today I thought I would share this fun one with y'all since it was from fall last year. Soon I will be sharing how this room looks now. Funny seeing how much this room has changed since then.

I'm not a very serious person and I like to add a touch of whimsy in each room if I can. I don't want my home to be formal or boring. So when it came to decorating the farmhouse style guestroom for fall all decorating rules were tossed out the window and adding fun things took place.

The psychedelic cow art stays in this room and certainly adds some fun. I love all the colors.

Now talk about fun, I just had to order this pillow cover with the cutest little red wagon full of pumpkins by the very talented Lucy of Craftberrybush.

I pulled this old quilt out of my stash and love how all the colors work together. The other bedding has been put away.

The blue checked pillows were in the other guest room and I just moved them in here and some bedding that was in here moved in there. I added the blue plaid shams back in and they have all the same colors as the painting above the bed.

I told y'all I would most likely use my apple picking bucket again somewhere in my fall decor. It's just so much fun. Of course there wouldn't really be apples in the bedroom unless you have a thing for apples and eat them in bed. Hey, I'm not judging. :)

This is another fun pillow cover I ordered on Society 6 along with Lucy's cover. Can't remember the artist for this one. I just love using squirrels for fall.

Just a simple blush colored pumpkin on the bedside table.

Normal stuff on this side.

Another old quilt sits on the red bench at the foot of the bed.

 All that was just for fun to add some whimsical fall style in the guestroom.


Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Love how you add great "whimsey" to each room!....Have a great weekend!!

  2. The room is wonderful. I love all those incredible critter pillows!

  3. I still love those red lamps. Let me know if you get tired of them. Ha! Sheila

  4. Hello Kim!
    I finally acquired the cow print to "whimsy up" my guest room but now I need a red/white striped bed skirt. Can't find one anywhere:( Can you help?? JoAnne

    1. Mine is old Pottery Barn. Just google red ticking bed skirt and see what comes up.

    2. I just ordered one from Brylane Home.

  5. That bedroom is (or was, I guess) darling!

  6. I just recently found your blog through Pinterest and I am redecorating my guest room in reds and grays like one of your Christmas posts for your guest room. Just trying to find those gray checked pillows! H&M no longer carries them and I haven't liked any other ones I've found! Lol. Anyway, I love your blog and your decorating!