Home Style Saturdays.... Farmhouse Christmas Bedroom


I know a lot of bloggers are already decorating for Christmas. Some do it early because they always have. Some do it because they have big blog tours coming up and need to get everything done and photographed. Some have sponsored posts coming up that need to reach the masses early. And many are decorating early to give their readers inspiration for their homes this year. I'm not one who decorates before Thanksgiving. I start the day after and even then I get tired of all the extra stuff that is out and can't wait to put it away. Anyone else here like that? 

Anywho since I am not decorating yet I thought I would share a Christmas bedroom that is one of my most pinned photos on pinterest. I love to do the bedrooms all year, but it's even more fun to deck them for Christmas.

This is a guestroom from 2014 and you can click here or below to see the rest of it.

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Happy Saturday!




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  1. I would love to be a guest in your guest bedroom, it just looks so comfortable and inviting! We don't start decorating for Christmas until December and the tree never goes up before the 15th. My parents never decorated until the 21st and think I have gone quite made starting as early (or late) as we do!!!

  2. Such a pretty and festive room, Kim!

  3. Kim, this bedroom is so pretty! You always do pops of red so well... :-)

  4. I remember this and it's just as lovely the second time around.

  5. I do it early because of all the above, but then I love it when I renew and revamp after the first of the year. Love this photo Kim...happy weekend

  6. I can be a real scrooge when it comes time for my husband to start dragging in all the Christmas decorations (which, compared to most, are minimal at my house). I hate cramming the year-round items in closets and, like you, I just want everything to be put back in its normal place as soon after Christmas as possible.

  7. Always so pretty, any season!

  8. Your bedroom is so beautiful and calm. I love it!

  9. There is so much great inspiration for the holidays out right now. Your guest bedrooms always look so pretty.

  10. I'm with you on this early holiday decorating! Sometimes I barely get anything out because it seems to be such a chore to put it all away again. I know that is kind of a humbug attitude but it feels like you have the decorations up for such a short time. Although I have been known to leave my Christmas tree up 'til the end of January! Anyway, the older I get the more I feel that less is more, you know?

    I do love your Christmasy bedroom. I don't have a guest room anymore, so won't be having guests to decorate for! The holidays will be special this year, tho' because my five-year-old twin grandsons and their mom are living with me now. I'll do things to make it a fun season for the boys, I know. Maybe even try one of those gingerbread houses or making snowflakes. Who can tell what fun we'll conjure up!

  11. Kim, as I just commented on your original post, this room is so beautiful, welcoming and warm. You have such a talent for decorating, you always create beauty. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, friend. Xo Lidy

  12. Unfortunately, I am battling two frozen shoulders and am unable to raise my arms very high or for very long. It just doesn't feel like Chritmas if I've not decorated

    Can you tell me, please, where you purchased the stiped bedskirt? Your guest room looks so inviting!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas!


    1. So sorry about your shoulders. I've heard that is quite painful.

      The bed skirt is many years old and not available anymore. It was from Pottery Barn. Thanks