Lakewood 400 Antiques and More


Well......I'm a bit disappointed that the carpenters aren't showing up this weekend, but they said they'll be here on Monday. I'm to the point that I'll believe them when I see them. I've been a bit stressed lately with the kitchen reno so I had to escape on Friday to the monthly antiques sale at the Lakewood 400 in Cumming, Ga. which is about 30 to 45 minutes from me depending on traffic.

My favorite booth is this one by Ida Reider of Simply Southern filled with beautiful antiques and other finds and they are always displayed beautifully. This is the same booth I purchased my mirror over the fireplace from a few months ago. She really has great prices.

 I love how she sets her beautiful wares up layered and stacked, but easy to view.

Look at that bed!

 I have no more room for chairs and this pair with great details was only $695.

 Great pair of very tall shutters and I didn't even notice the lanterns until I was editing this photo.

Another great mirror and the cutest pine chest.

Just past her booth was a Christmas wonderland. This man had set his booth up beautifully and everyone was stopping and shopping. 

Here is some more of what I saw.

I really want one of these old rocking horse toys. This one is from the 1800's and is a beauty, and the $950 price tag is actually quite reasonable for one this large and old, but more than I have right now.

This was a super cool antique child's sled that I considered buying.

And I seriously considered this one. They would make great Christmas props, but my creative juices are just stumped right now I think because of the kitchen and the stress.
So you won't believe this, but I left this time empty handed! Yep, even Mr. Savvy checked my forehead to see if I was sick when I told him I didn't buy a thing. 😲

Maybe I'll go back next month since they are showing earlier. They will be open the first weekend in December instead of the third......hmmm, maybe my juices will be flowing again.

Happy hunting and happy Sunday!


  1. Look forward to pictures of your kitchen!
    Everything will come together for you to
    enjoy the holidays!

  2. Oooh, I would have come home with the sled!

  3. I loved getting to see these pics. I didn't go this month. I hate waiting on other people to do work for me too. It's so frustrating being on their time line. Hopefully, next week you'll have everything complete!

  4. Kim that horse is amazing, it's in wonderful condition. I'm using mine for Christmas this year on the mantle. You're brave starting a reno this time of year! Hope it's finished soon!

  5. Oh my, so many gorgeous things. Can't wait to see your kitchen.

  6. It looks like a great place to wander! I hope your kitchen guys show up tomorrow!

  7. I can't imagine a remodeling project during the holidays! I would be pulling my hair out LOL. Look at it this way, if the carpenters are that busy, you know they are good, and worth waiting for. That horse is pretty big - where would you put it? Many pretty things at that mall. I finally found an old sled this past year that will be making an appearance on the porch for the holidays - yay!

    1. tina, these are the carpenters we always use. They are just on one job right now which is a commercial building, but hopefully they show tomorrow. They are my husband's best friend's carpenters and he knows I'm getting anxious.

  8. looks like a great place to shop, or just wander, on a wintery day. Hope your life gets calmer as the reno gets done.

  9. LOVE those green chairs, Kim...and the old sleigh- I think that might have come home with me. LOL- over hubby thinking you were sick because you didn't buy anything. I have cut way back on purchases since putting the house on the market. I am kind of stuck in limbo-land.

    Good luck with the remodeling. I have had my share of Holiday remodeling projects, too. You do get through them although it can cause some extra stress for those of us that like things "done".

    Have a great Sunday night- xo Diana

  10. I could get into a lot of trouble there! I have an antique sled and I never seem to get it out. Maybe if we lived in a colder climate! Can't wait to see your new kitchen!

  11. What a great your favorite booth!...and I would have had to take your temperature too as you walked out with no shopping bags!...Maybe you will get your mojo back after the kitchen reno.....

  12. I love antique shopping! So frustrating when folks don't show-up. Hopefully, they will arrive tomorrow so you can get going on your kitchen Reno. So many nice things in all those booths. My husband and I have an antique booth. Love that antique rocking horse.

  13. I love the sled and that mirror too. I agree the lanterns got kind of lost, I had to look twice to notice them. Looks like a great fun place and as Cindy said I too could get into a lot of trouble there! Hope the carpenters have turned up this morning. Keep breathing and keep smiling, it will all be perfect soon!

  14. What a fabulous shop! I love that white bed, can even be a headboard for two beds! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kim even if your kitchen is still under construction, I know you'll be spending it with your loved ones!

  15. Thanks for sharing the photos, love looking at all great frinds, The head board,shutters and the sleighs. The Christmas booth looked so interesting.