Tweaks Around the House


Of course there have been some home decor changes around my house. Isn't there always? I'm always tweaking and updating things seasonally or whenever the mood strikes. I took a few pictures of some recent changes around the house including a couple of my recent antique finds.

Daylight savings time just ended so lamps are turned on earlier and it's the perfect time to add a couple of new lamps. Well, actually they are vintage lamps, but new to me.

I found this lamp in Franklin, Tn. on our recent trip to Nashville. I love these old tole lamps and when I first saw this one I gasped and then prayed to find a good price on the tag and boy, did I! I had Mr. Savvy quickly carry it to the front counter for them to hold  while I continued shopping. After I got it home I cleaned it up with Brasso since it was very tarnished.

I had my vintage cane collection in a large pottery vessel and switched them to the vintage trapper's basket.

This is another antique lamp I found on our trip. I wasn't even looking for lamps, but I love old unique lamps. This is a brass urn lamp.

I like a lamp best at dark when it's turned on. I replaced the shade that came with it with this one from my stash of shades. You can see the old shade in this post.

I swapped out the painting that was on this sideboard with this signed and numbered lithograph by Rodo Boulanger that we have owned for several years.

It's from a calendar the artist did and this one is November so I love to bring it out this time of year.

While moving lamps around, after bringing in the new ones, I moved this green demijohn to this spot in place of the wicker wrapped one since the lamp that was here moved to the bookcase by the fireplace.

I know antlers aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I happen to love decorating with them so I added some to this old concrete urn behind my sofa in the great room. It was time for the fall leaves and pumpkin to move on.

This adds so much texture and interest.

Of course there have been pillows moving around and other changes and they will be shared soon, too.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Love your tweaking around the house. Also love your cane collection in the basket. So beautiful.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Great new Thanksgiving print :) as well as all your tweaks. My hubby just gave me a big box of deer antlers so I now need to find a place to use them. Love how you did yours!

  3. That red lamp - Oh. my. gosh. Absolutely perfect on your vasselier! I love the antlers and the fall/winter vibe they give off. Jane

  4. LOVE that red lamp! I am always on the lookout for one and never have found a tole lamp at a decent price. Congrats on the great find!

  5. Your lamps are so pretty. Funny--we just wrapped up our hunt for chandeliers and have turned to lamps. So many bad ones out there! It's a real hunt for the needle in a haystack.

  6. Love both of those lamps, so pretty

  7. Where is my cane collection now after seeing yours here. I use to have a great collection but sold them off years ago in my shop, I could scream now that I see the beauty here you have created in your entry.
    Love all your vignettes, accessories, and the tweaking of beauty you do,around your home.
    How fun it would be to,play in your home and time I wanted to?

    Enjoy the beauty you have created for you and yours.
    See you soon with your holiday cheer!

  8. Great lamps and tweeks. I like vintage/antiques as they add depth to a home. A new home with all new everything leaves me wanting for some sign of life. ha! Family pieces and antiques are always wonderful additions...they usually have a story to tell. Have a great week. Sheila

  9. Love the lamps, lighting can make such a huge difference in any room. Whenever I read your blog I instantly want to jump up and start moving things around, but its gone midnight here in France and it's time I went to bed! Bonne Nuit x

  10. Kim the black urn lamp is wonderful. I would have snatched that one up too, great find!!

  11. Great lamps! I especially love the brass urn lamp and the new shade makes it look rather happy and a little bit sassy! I always enjoy your tweaks and seasonal changes.

  12. Really like the new lamps, Kim. Hope you had a great weekend.

  13. Always love seeing your pretty tweaks around the house and what a beautiful find with that lamp!

  14. I wonder how many of us out there have a stash of lampshades in the attic? I know I do!....and lamps....and paintings...all waiting for their season and turn. I so enjoy reading how others are also always changing and tweaking their decor. You have vindicated me in the eyes of my friends and family! Thank You! As always your home is warm, inviting and lovely.

  15. Love your lamp selections and placement; I too am an antler aficionado but don't have any - they look perfect where you have them and love the urn. And your canes - I collect them but my collection pales in comparison, most of mine were acquired in Georgia...We have a major "Junk Hunt" coming to So Ca and hopefully will add to my stash!

    Enjoy your week!