Glam and Rustic Christmas Tree


Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, you grew into a big tree. Yes, my tabletop tree grew up into a big tree and I love it. Thank you to Tree Classics for sponsoring this tour and sending me a big girl tree and thank you to Amy of Maison Decor for putting this tour together. I liked the simplicity of the smaller tree, but this one is awfully pretty to gaze upon especially at night so that is why I'm sharing the night shot first. 
I'm am joining four other lovely ladies today so be sure to click on the links at the end of the post.

 I knew I wanted to try the tree by the fireplace so we changed the furniture arrangement. I thought the change would be temporary, but Mr. Savvy thinks the space feels cozier so it may stay this way. I just have to bring the chair back in that is residing in the master bedroom for now.

Tree Classics provided all the new ornaments which are silver, gold and a few white ones. I'm really not a glam dress up kind of girl, give me jeans and a tee or sweater, so I toned the glam of the tree down a bit by adding some feathered friends and pheasant feathers. 

There is even a gold sparkly tree skirt go go with the ornaments.

I found some cute silver and gold wrapping paper and am storing it in the crock until I have some gifts to wrap since I have not bought one single thing yet.

I believe I found these at Marshalls while we were out of town.

I didn't do a lot to the mantel this year. The tree is the main focus in here so I kept the mantel very simple. I placed my carolers on the mantel with a few sprigs of green.

 I also didn't want to have to drag out the old Christmas stuff that is stored under our stairwell. We have to take all the coats out of the coat closet and put them on the floor in the dining room so they are out of the way. Then pull out anything on the floor and open up the back wall and duck down and drag out more boxes and hit my head numerous times because I forget how small the opening is. I'm glad my favorite things were stored in bins out in our storage room last year so that is what I used this year. Rooms will not be overly decorated this year since we are still working on the kitchen. It's almost finished! So when I say simple this year it really is simple. 

I placed some nuts on a majolica plate next to Mr. Savvy's chair in remembrance of my dad. We always had nuts sitting out at the holidays and he would crack them and eat away. Now, I just need to find my nutcracker. 

Miss Bailey was sitting at the top of the stairs so I went up to pet her. Then I snapped this with my phone. My tree is the Majestic Blue Spruce. It was very easy to assemble and I did it all by myself.

Love the reflection of the lights in the window.

Last night we had our first fire this year. We finally have cold weather and much needed rain.

I'll share the new furniture arrangement with y'all soon, but for now you need to check out my friends trees in the links below.

Have an awesome week and watch for more Christmas posts. I still have decorating to do.
Thanks for all the comment love for the cabin themed guest room yesterday.

In partnership with Tree Classics, our group of Home Decor bloggers
have been provided with trees, ornaments and tree skirts to 
create trees that fulfill our own visions and traditions, offering inspiration
to our readers.  We hope you enjoy this Christmas Tree tour! 


  1. Oh how I love that gorgeous tree by the fireplace! The tree is so beautifully adorned with the ornaments by Tree Classics....I was thrilled when I received mine on how so exquisite they were. That beautiful bowl of nuts also reminds me of my dad. No shelled nuts for him...they taste better when you crack them out of the shell!...I hope this Christmas will bring you happy memories of Christmas past of you dad. Again, so very sorry for your loss. Cannot wait to see the new furniture arrangement. Oh and Miss Bailey is a cutie by the tree and fire. A Christmas card photo indeed!

  2. Kim your tree is spectacular!! I am in awe of your combination of woodland elements with the glitzy metallics. I think the rustic luxe look is always a winner. I used feathers on my mantle, and love that bit of nature. The feathers on your tree are genius and look FANTASTIC! Love it all, and simple is seemingly the way more of us are decorating. A beautiful tree sets the tone for the holiday spirit quite nicely. My dad always had a big bowl of nuts with a nutcracker too. So sorry for your loss. That is a nice way to honor him.

  3. Kim, the tree looks magnificent! I just love the unique look of the feathers and little birds and the whole tree looks wonderful with your soaring ceilings! Can't wait to see the new furniture layout!!

  4. This tree is beautiful Kim! I love the feathers and the cardinal. When we lived near Atlanta I always enjoyed seeing the cardinals right outside my window. It's the perfect touch to this tree. This tree has style for sure.

  5. Hi Kimmie! Oh, your tree is gorgeous and it looks so pretty by the fire! I know you were up on a tall ladder to get it all decorated. Your home is always so pretty.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Kim, your tree is stunning! I am obsessed with those pheasant feathers! Im so happy to be on this tour with all of you beautiful ladies. Merry Christmas!

  7. I love your tree and adding the feathers is such a pretty idea. I think I am going to like the new furniture arrangement too, look fabulous.

  8. What a beautiful tree! I love that you added the pheasant feathers...

  9. The tree, the room, just beautiful!

  10. That tree is gorgeous! Perfect size and decorated beautifully! Love your dish of nuts. When I was growing up, at Christmas, there was always a bowl of nuts with a nutcracker and small pick sitting on the coffee table. Somehow those nuts made it into our stockings on Christmas Eve!

  11. Love the feathers and red birds! You just reminded me that I have some -- somewhere....

    I am so sorry to hear that you lost your father recently. It is a hard thing to deal with. Take care.

    We always had a bowl of nuts and fruit, too.

  12. Your tree looks beautiful, Kim! I love the mix of the glam and rustic! I love the tree by the fireplaoe too! I hope you have a fabulous Christmas season and enjoy this beautiful tree.

  13. It is a beautiful tree, Kim. It looks stunning with the feathers.

  14. Love the feathers Kim...what a wonderful and original touch!

  15. Kim, that is a beautiful tree and I think simple is perfect for the season!

  16. What a treat to be asked to partner with Tree Classics to create these beautiful trees. Your room is merry and bright decorated for the holidays. Love the view looking down with the tree glistening below.

  17. Beautiful tree, Kim, and I love it right by your fireplace.

  18. Gorgeous Kim! I love your tree by the fireplace and the addition the feathers & birds!

  19. Your tree is stunning Kim! I just love gazing at a beautiful tree!

  20. Very pretty Kim, I love using feathers with a traditional or casual room. This works perfect with your decor, and wow, you really needed a big girl tree for that space. Spectacular. Grins, Sandi

  21. I am a bit behind in my reading so I am just realizing your loss of your dad. So sorry for your loss Kim.
    The tree looks amazing as I am sure all of your other decorations will be! We also had a bowl of nuts out when I was growing up and it is funny that I remember what that bowl looked like; it even had a place to hold the nutcracker and holes to hold the picks! How nice that you have that wonderful memory!

  22. The tree looks magnificent at night!

  23. Your tree looks marvelous Kim!!!!! Our theme for this Christmas is somewhat similar, mine is MOdern-rustic! ;-)