Majestic Magnolia Wreath


Several weeks ago I was contacted by Lynch Creek Farms to see if I would like one of their fresh wreaths. Why yes, yes I would. So we arranged for it to be delivered the first week of December so it would stay beautiful through Christmas.
It arrived right on time.

It arrived in this big box.

 I opened it and my, oh my, the fragrance about knocked me over. I love the smell of fresh greens.
The wreath was so fresh and moist. I immediately took it out and hung it on the front door. Someone really needs to invent smellivision so y'all could smell it.😉  I chose the Majestic Magnolia wreath. Perfect for my southern home. They have so many to choose from and they come in two sizes, too. I needed the smaller 26 inch for my door and it looks so big.

I added a string of bells and a small tree by the door and called it a day......and did. not. like. my. porch. So what's a girl to do? Come back soon to see how I decorated my porch with just a few things to knock it up a notch.

Thank you Lynch Creek Farms for my new wreath and all loving opinions are my own.
You can read their story here.

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. That is a gorgeous wreath. The ribbon is beautiful too. Love the addition of the bells.

  2. It indeed is gorgeous!!!....I can say from personal experience! Looking forward to what you did on your porch!....I will be decking my porch today on the coldest day of the week!

  3. Such a stunning wreath! It looks just perfect on your door.

  4. It looks so lush and thick. Very pretty!
    You are so right about smellivision.

  5. what a beautiful wreath, kim! but then, everything in your home is gorgeous.
    happy holidays, kiddo. xoxo

  6. Gorgeous wreath...and I LOVE the bells!

  7. Very pretty wreath. I always add clippings from our magnolia tree to my Christmas greenery. Have a vintage copper boiler on the front porch that I fill with greens, pinecones and a few ornaments. Love!

  8. It is beautiful! I would love one so am going to their site. Love the bow and it goes with your door SO weel!

  9. That wreath is amazing. I love it.

  10. What a beautiful wreath! And I love your front door color. Would you mind sharing the paint color?

    1. Linda, I believe it is called Devonshire Green by Benjamin Moore.

  11. They forgot to cut the end of the ribbon..... very nice!!!

  12. Kim, that is a beautiful wreath and ribbon...looks so pretty on your door'!

  13. Thank you for sharing your wreath and supplier; I just ordered two for my home - one for the front door that is oddly on the side (condo) and one for my main, street facing window...I ordered the Country Christmas ~~ I can't wait to get them here and hung!
    Your completed porch is super charming - love the deer and chair!