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Well, most likely I am excited and sitting here with my cup of coffee looking out some pretty snow. I'm taking a chance saying that since I'm writing this ahead of it actually happening, but hopefully the weather forecast was correct. Winter storm watches started early in the week for the coming weekend and then as it got closer we were told we could get up to four inches. I get really excited for snow and love to look at it. I just wish it would snow during the day. It usually snows at night while we are sleeping and can't watch it. Anyway the pillow in this photo says exactly where I will be all weekend since it is staying very cold.

Post Edit: Nope, I'm not excited because all we got was ice and a dusting of snow. Dang weather forecast got my hopes up all week. Oh, well.

Since most of the country is in the same fix I hope you will visit my friends below while you're stuck inside staying warm.



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  1. Kim, I live in NC and we have had the same weather forecast the past week. I am so disappointed....ice and a light dusting of snow. But very cold! Stay warm.

  2. We are expecting temperatures below freezing over night . No snow 😀
    As I sit and sip my coffee, I can hear a steady drizzle on them sunroom roof. Nothing like the wild storms that blew in last evening, and through the night.
    Today I will enjoy the beauty in the grey!
    Stay warm .

  3. Not bragging at all. For the first time in a long while here in southeastern OK we got a few inches of snow. But the temp this morning is 3 degrees. Am staying in and looking out.😆

  4. Same in south central ky. Maybe an inch after the weather forecast was foreboding of a disaster. Ha. It is frigid here though. Brrr. Sheila

  5. I know, it was disappointing. Just enough to upset things, and a whole lotta slush. Boo!

  6. Awe, I am sorry you didn't get the snow. We got about 8 inches here. You can see pictures of it on facebook.

  7. Sorry you did not get much snow....but sometimes that is a good thing!....The kids in the neighborhood are having fun sledding down the golf course and the streets...our streets are hilly here, as you know :) Have a great weekend!

  8. Love the pictures, Kim! Just beautiful!!! BTW, it's STILL snowing here in Richmond, VA, and we have about 8 inches right now. Love it!

  9. Kim, barely a cup full of snow on our 20 acres...so disappointed! But still a good day to stay in and drink hotmchocolate!

  10. Just snowed a little here. Not the kind of snow you're yearning for!

  11. No snow, but very very cold. ;-)

  12. Oh, you poor ladies! Come on up to Michigan for a week or two! I guarantee you will experience some snow. If not in the lower peninsula where I am, then for sure a few hundred miles north to the upper peninsula. And, by the way, I'd like to come down south and get a little SUN! We always want what we don't got! Oh, forgot to mention, just to entice you further: it is in the below-freezing digits here, too! Can't beat that--two wishes granted for the price of one! Ha,ha! Stay warm and enjoy those lovely rooms you've decorated.

  13. Sorry you did't get much snow! I wish I could send some your way, as we got about 18 inches! Yikes!! Although it was fun to play in it with the kids!

  14. We were expecting snow for next weekend... I already had all my hopes up, as it rarely happen in Brittany... And now, they changed the forecast... It's expected to snow next weekend in all France, EXCEPT in Brittany where it'll be raining...