Home Style Saturdays.... simple grocery store bouquet


It's the weekend! Any fun plans? We are going to a family surprise birthday party on Mr. Savvy's side so that will be fun hanging with them and I'm sure enjoying some good food.

Do y'all enjoy grocery shopping or is it just a chore like it is for me. I put it off until I have to go. One thing I do like though is bringing home some pretty flowers from the store. I love the pale green and orange of this spray I picked up. Tuck them in an ironstone pitcher and, voila.

I hope y'all have a fantastic day and be sure to check out more pretties below.


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Savvy Southern Style



indoor plants


  1. Those are GORGEOUS roses and I HATE grocery shopping and do it when I have to and not before. lol I always spend twice as much as I planned it seems. lol Maybe if I went more often I would spend less? nah... Have fun at the birthday party but keep the roses for yourself...lol xo Diana

  2. I hate grocery shopping, too! Such a chore! Love the flowers in the ironstone! Have fun at the party!!

  3. I don't like grocery shopping either. Fortunately, my husband does...even goes to his favorite places for fish and another for vegetables...and then Costco. And carries it all it! Your flowers are so pretty.

    One of the things I love about you, Kim, is how you incorporate new with the old so that it is so interesting and now just every thing from say Home Goods (I love Home Goods but you know what I mean).
    Mary Ann

  4. The simplest of bouquets are the best!!!

  5. I put off grocery shopping as long as I can ... but what's really bad now is that my favorite store (Martin's) is going out of business. The good news is that Publix is coming in it's place but it'll be at least six months before that happens.

  6. Love your pretty roses. I do not mind grocery shopping it is bringing it home and putting it away that I do not like. Have a great weekend.

  7. What caught my eye was the beautiful marquetry table!

  8. I too loathe grocery shopping at the supermarket, which is a necessity for the boring household things, however, shopping for fruit and vegetables and cheese at our local market and meat from the butcher changes everything and makes it a great experience, another plus point about living in France!