Pillow Pairings


While the grout was drying in the kitchen, YAY, I was trying out some pillow pairings on the sofa in the great room as I change out the pillows for spring. I ordered some new ones from Etsy a few weeks ago to use either in here or the sitting room since they can work in either room.

The Schumacher Betwixt pillow is the new one (I ordered two) and I paired it with this older pillow from Pottery Barn.

Or I can pair the Betwixt with my toile pillows. Love this combo, too.

Or the toile with the Pottery Barn. So many choices. 
Which is your favorite?

I'm lagging behind in the spring decorating a bit. I think I may have more time now once I clean up all the dust in the house that has settled.

Oh, well it is time to spring clean.

Here's a shot of the tile freshly grouted, but the grout dried much lighter. Besides cleaning dust I have some touch up painting to do.

Have a fabulous Sunday!


  1. I made window coverings out of that same toile for a client a couple years ago! I have always liked it. I think my fave combo if the the toile and the plain tan. But the tan with the Betwixt is also nice, just a totally different look.

  2. Love the toile! Would you mind sharing where you got the fabric? Is it still available? Thank you!

    1. Bought those ready made several years ago, but you can still find the fabric. Bosporous toile is what I think it is called.

  3. These pillows just make me sigh. So pretty. I love them all. Oh and the tile is amazing too. You have been busy!

  4. I ordered this toile fabric on-line last year, and made two pillows for my sofa. I use the pale Aqua color as accents in the room. I LOVE these pillows! Can't wait to see your backsplash finished. Mr. Savvy sure is handy!

  5. You know how I love toile! I like the toile with the Schumacher!

  6. I like the toile and Betwixt, so fresh and more interesting. Tile looks great!!!

  7. Love the new look! Also your pillows. I saw something I kind of wanted on a blogger's Etsy the other day, but the shipping was so expensive I backed out.

  8. I have that same beige betwixt pillow! I only have one though. I like how it goes with just about any decor. Love your new subway tile backsplash. It matches your counters perfectly.

  9. Another who uses alot of aqua and neutrals. I have two pillows out of the bosporous (flax is the color) toile fabric on my sofa right now. I have it paired with two chocolate geometric fabric pillows.

  10. Kim did I ever tell you I have that same toile pillow, I found the fabric at a close out design store and had it made. I love it and I am loving the pillow you found to go with it. Your tile job is gorgeous!