Classic Blue and White


A few weeks ago I shared my blue and white guest room with the new bed and mirror. There is something so classic about blue and white decor and today I'm sharing more pretty blue and white inspiration.

 Toile bedding, the gallery wall, bamboo shades and the tiny mirror over the bed are such pretty details in this room from Country Living.

Great blue and white collection sits atop a pine cupboard.

I would love to hang out in this outdoor room. That tiled backsplash!

This was a fun look in the sunroom last year.

My blue sunroom.

Great window seat.

Stunning sunroom.

Great wallpaper.

Love this conversation circle.

My farmhouse style guestroom ready for spring.

Have a beautiful day and a great week ahead!


  1. I have always been a red and white girl, but lately blue and white have become my obsession. I haven't picked up a paintbrush...yet...but I am thinking about it! Lovely. Hope your legs are on the mend and your mom continues to do well...

  2. Blue and white has been my favorite forever! It goes in and out of style, but I love it, so I stick with it. Love the blue in your bedrooms!

  3. My favorite color combs are red and white and also blue and white. I think your blue and white bedroom and sun room are my favorite looks yet! You must have a heck of a lot of pillows/pillow covers!

  4. Love the blue and white. Always have. It is funny how it comes and goes in favor over time but always comes back. Hope you are having a good Sunday! xo Diana

  5. I've always liked the classic look of blue and white! I like your sunroom in those colors.

  6. I love all of your blue and white-so very classic. I knew a gal whose house was all blue and white and I loved it, but hubby wouldn't go for it. Also, love your sunroom. Kelly and I must think alike.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Love you blue and white rooms...and I am so loving that sunroom with the blue and white ticking!!!

  8. Blue and white never gets old. Our apartment was decorated in blue, white and yellow. Somehow, I strayed from that completely when we moved into this house, but looking at your photos, I wonder why I did! I think I'll need to get back to it someday!

  9. Love your sun room. So welcoming. The one you labeled stunning sun room is also so pretty.
    What are your thoughts on conversation circles? I have thought about that in my living room instead of a sofa and two chairs.

  10. Very pretty guest room, Kim. I am so covetous of that ornate vintage frame hung over the bed. It's so unique and I like that you didn't feel compelled to put anything in it.

    And, yes, long live Blue and White! I love it, too!

  11. I love your rooms, the sunroom that was pale blue in the walls looked so fresh....I have always loved blue and white or off white.

    1. That is a pretty room, but not mine. The source is in the link in the sentence under it. Only a few of these are mine.

  12. Ohhhhh! That Bubble Chair. I'm in love!

  13. I love blue and white together and the picture with the pine cabinet stole my heart!

  14. I'm not a bue kind of girl but I love this post ! Thanks for sharing !