French Ironstone


Most all my ironstone that I have collected in the past is English, but recently I have purchased a couple of French ironstone tureens.

I replaced the dough bowl that was on the table with the first French ironstone purchase. It's just plain and simple, but I could also fill it with some flowers or fruit for a pretty centerpiece.

I love the taller rounder shape and after I acquire a couple more pieces I would like to add them to the hutch and remove some of the smaller pieces.

I bought this one at a local antique mall when my friend Shirley and I got together while she was in town. 

Love the pretty handle.

This next piece I found on Etsy and it is way more beige than I thought it would be so it isn't going to work in the dining room with all the bright white pieces. For now it is in the sitting room.

This piece is quite crazed and it is also heavy. The handle is a cute little apple.

I purchased this one from an Etsy Shop in France and it is stamped "Sarreguemines France and dates back to the 1920's.

Generous sized handles.

My assistant approves.

I have already ordered another pretty piece since I can't go out shopping so I'm stuck shopping on line. There isn't much French ironstone in the stores around here anyway.
Yes, I'm killing time shopping on line. 😉

Have an awesome day!


  1. Well we all knew your injuries wouldn't keep you from shopping! Cha-ching!! LOL

    Hmmm, I'm wondering if that is a little pumpkin rather than an apple? (because of the little grooves/lines)?

    I go for the more off-white ironstone pieces. You don't see that much in the south (in antique stores, etc.), but you will find more up north. We have a favorite shop here and she goes up north a couple of times a year. I love the crazed, darkened pieces (stained I guess?) too. Good assistant!!

    1. I was going by the description on Etsy, but you know it does have ridges.

    2. Just found another tureen just like it and it is an apple.

  2. Two beautiful French pieces, Kim! both of them! We can shop from anywhere these days...take care of yourself!

  3. 😀. Luv the you think! Perfect way to kill time. Hahahaha. They are both beautiful .

  4. Great pieces- both of them. I think that is a pumpkin, too-made for Fall soups maybe? Have fun shopping online. I do most of my purchasing online anymore...too lazy to sort through 'junk'
    Hope you have a great Thursday- xo Diana

  5. I love them both...the one you purchased in Atlanta looks great on the dining room table and the one from France via Etsy is so charming! the detail! Looks like you are on a roll to add to your tureen collection!

  6. No better way to kill time. Hope you are on the mend!

  7. I have been looking for ironstone, and it isn't easy to find even in France. You are lucky to have such a collection!
    My favorite use for my soup tureen is for baked potatoes. The lid keeps them warm.
    Get well soon!

  8. Very pretty tureens.
    Hope you are up and around soon.

  9. Gorgeous tureens. I rarely find French ironstone, and when I do, I can't part with it! Beautiful pieces! I hope you're healing well. Have fun shopping!

  10. Kim,

    I'm in love with these! I also collect ironstone and have mostly pitchers, but the two tureens I have are one English and one French. I like mixing the two style together.

    I love the white on your dark table, and all the white in the hutch, too. The contrast is so beautiful! And those candlesticks? I might just steal those one day:) So gorgeous!


  11. I simply adore the first piece you bought, I have the identical tureen, I found it here quite by chance at a stand by the side of the road last year. A couple of ladies had joined together and were clearing out all their excess items, I spied it as I drove past and pulled over as soon as I could and walked back, trying not to look too incredibly eager! I paid all of 30 euros for it, a true bargain and it has pride of place in the kitchen, but also gets used for soups all the time.

  12. I have the same kind of Sarreguemines "soupière" and I love its lines. What a good way to spend time, shopping on line!

  13. What a stunning post! May I ask you please where your stunning side chairs are from? Thanks

  14. Where did you get that dining room rug. I love it!!!

    1. That's from the Pottery Barn outlet, but they carry it at the store and on line, too.