My Retail Therapy Purchases


Last week when my friend Shirley and I shopped and we had the best time. I seriously needed the retail therapy. I wasn't looking for anything particular when we shopped at the antique mall, but of course I found something to bring home. 😉

While Shirley and I were looking at something else in a booth I looked up as saw this pretty mirror hanging and I was like oh, look at that mirror. She loved it, too. I loved the pretty floral details.

I have been wanting to find a smaller gold mirror in a shape like this for some time and then while not really looking for it there it was.

 This sweet mirror over Steve and Brooke Giannetti's bed at Patina Farm is the reason for my search for one similar ever since I saw this photo in their book.

Mine of course is different, but it's the shape and size I was searching for.

Can you tell where it hangs? I'll share where soon.

I bought these "love beads" from a cute new to me shop just down the road from the antique mall. A local lady makes these and sells them in this shop. The little burlap sack they came in was marked LOVE.

I also bought something else at the antique mall and will share that soon.

Have a fabulous week!

Please remember my mom in your prayers as she is really depressed and she starts physical therapy today and it will be quite painful.


  1. Beautiful mirror Kim. Sometimes we just need that little something to boost our day!
    Continued prayers for you and your Mom

  2. What great mirror! Sending prayers your Mom's way.

  3. Hope your mom does well. It's good you and your sister are there nearby and can spend time with her.

  4. I just love that you and Shirley get to hang out together! That mirror is so beautiful. Great find! Praying for your mom. <3

  5. The mirror is perfect and the Giannetti's would approve! Those love beads look great in the room know the room the treasures are in!.....Thoughts and prayers go out to your mom and for a great result on your test!

  6. Thoughts and prayers for your mom Kim. Retail therapy helps take our mind off our worries! It's nice when the perfect item appears in front of us when we're not really searching for it. Love the mirror and the love beads are perfect!

  7. Love the mirror! Praying for you precious Momma.

  8. Beautiful mirror!
    Thoughts and prayers for your mom's strength and recovery.

  9. The new mirror looks beautiful! Glad you & Shirley had a fun girls day out. Hoping the best for you on your tests results and prayers for your Mom.

    My Mother in law has been in a care facility for several years after a period of declining health. Its been a difficult transition for her and she too has suffered from depression. She has very good care givers and they really have worked hard to keep her as independent and active as possible.

  10. Gorgeous mirror! I, too, have been searching for a similar one since seeing Brooke's in her book. Praying for your mom. Hugs.

  11. It is too late in the evening for me to remember the name of the shape of your mirror. But it is lovely, a real find, and it looks great there! Bravo!

  12. Love the mirror and glad you found it. It's fun when you have something in the back of your mind, and then one day, there it is! It was waiting for you, Kim.
    Yes, keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Hope all goes well with the therapy.

  13. HI Kim,
    Beautiful mirror, and love how it looks hanging over the bed. Very cute yet elegant all at the same time. Will say some prayers for your MOM. Sorry she is
    having such a tough time. Know it is hard to watch as well.....
    Blessings, Nellie
    and thanks for hosting your weekly linky party every week....

  14. Love the mirror, and the shape. We are looking for something similar for our guest house! The fun part is of course going around all the brocantes searching. Brocante season is underway and it makes it far more enjoyable to have some things to look for!

  15. Identifying with you as my husband and I are dealing with his aging stepdad. It's so hard for everyone. Will add your mom to my prayer list.
    I love the mirror, even better than the Giannetti's. Guess I need reeducating in my decorating ideas b/c I originally thought it too small to hand over a big bed. But it's growing on me.
    Also, love the beads, looking for some for myself w/o paying an arm and leg for them.
    As always, thanks for sharing.

  16. Love the mirror Kim! I'll take retail therapy over physical therapy any day. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your mom's way.

  17. I will be praying for your Mom and for your tests to come back with good results! Love the mirror, so pretty!

  18. Love the shape and details on your "new" mirror!