An Easy Change for a New Look


A very easy way to update a lamp is with a new shade. While I was looking through my Matthew Mead magazine, Upstyled Home outdoors, last month I found a cute shop on etsy called Lampshade Lady and I just had to take a look. I love to swap out lampshades for a new look. I discovered the cutest ones on this site and just had to order one.

This one had me with the grainsack stripes.

The prices are a bit more than I normally pay for a lampshade, but I had to have this one. I pulled the lamp out here so you could see all of it.

It is very well made so it was worth the price and I love it. I love having a small lamp in the kitchen and this is the first light I turn on every morning when I walk in the kitchen.

Here is the old lampshade that I had added a ball fringe to.
I like the new shade much better even if it is taller. That's because it is a clip on.

I have changed out many of my lampshades.
If you have a lamp you like, but don't love the shade just change it.
Such an easy change for a new look.


  1. Hey Kim, Your shade looks great. Thanks for posting my shade on your blog! It was a blast working with Matthew Mead. I've been in lots of magazines that this was really special as I had admired his eye and talent for years!
    xo judy

  2. Love the shade. I have a similar alabaster lamp in my guest bedroom.

  3. I am partial to linen, burlap,etc. textured shades but in ivory, cream, tan, etc. That is a cute shade. Can you put the lamp in another spot for the taller shade? I remember those lamps in my grandmother's guest bedroom! I bought one years later at an antique shop but mine has the sort of caramel veining instead of grey. I have a burlap shade on it.

    1. Hi Tina, This shade looks great in this size, it could also go a tad taller if you had space. Many lamps of our grandparents era were way too tall. It looks better to ditch that size and lower the harp if it has one and go shorter. Visually it is much more appealing. Over the years I have collected a slew of tall harps that I have switched out for clients!!

  4. Love this Kim. I will have to check out her site. Happy New Week Ahead.

  5. Absolutely darling! I'm headed to her site after hitting publish:)

  6. I love Lampshade Lady's shades and am working myself up to buying from her. Problem is, I need matching shades!

  7. Love the new shade, French ticking really does work its wonders on just about anything!

  8. That is the cutest shade!!! Will have to check out that site! I totally missed that ad.

  9. Very cute and looks very well made!! I need to pay more attention to my lamp shades!!

  10. The new lampshade is really cute! I also love soft light in the morning in the kitchen.