Bonus Room Guestroom....take two


I revealed the bonus room makeover in early March and a couple of weeks after that I actually changed the room up again. I was ready to reveal it several weeks ago, but then the broken foot happened and I couldn't get upstairs to take pictures. Well, now I can finally slowly go upstairs and today I'm sharing the bonus room guestroom....take two.

It's hard to get good photos in this room with the one window. I wanted a neutral and more French country look so I found the perfect duvet cover on sale at Pottery Barn and it matches the checked bed skirt perfectly. Everything else is from shopping the house.

The updates were made by changing the pillows on the bed and the art on the walls.

Beautiful oatmeal linen shams with long ruffles add a feminine romantic touch followed by vintage French ticking pillows I bought a few years ago and then the home pillow I have had for years.

I'm so thrilled how the duvet works so well with the buffalo check bed skirt I have had for many years.

I swapped the black framed art on this wall to this framed print from Paris given to us many years ago by a friend.

I added this cow canvas over the chest in place of the blue framed art. 

This old sheep pillow is perfect in the gray chair.

Lamps were switched out with lamps in another guestroom.

The black framed art on this side of the window was switched out for this trio of bird prints.

This look is so much more me now with just a few changes and only one new purchase.

Have an awesome week!


  1. looks perfect...for now!;) Love it all Kim and your nightstand still has me swooning.

  2. It looks wonderful. I love the new duvet. In my last post I showed a new to me shop and those bird prints are in one of the pictures. I almost bought them!

  3. Looking pretty fantastic!...Love the new duvet!....and that sweet sheep pillow on the chair...
    Happy Monday!

  4. Kim, a few changes and the new duvet! The trio of bird prints are perfect next to the window!

  5. Ooooh, those bird prints!!
    Luv the new changes Kim and glad you can now slowly make it upstairs 😀

  6. It looks fabulous, and so you! The duvet IS perfect with the bed skirt. I have always loved that bed skirt. Have a beautiful week!

  7. Looks great Kim and I am in love with your cow picture!

  8. I adore this room!!! It is lovely.❤️

  9. I love the look. The duvet is so pretty and really looks great with the bed skirt.

  10. Love the look. I also love that you share how to create a new look without purchasing all new things. I love the pillow....and the fact that you could use your checked bed skirt with the new duvet...well done, my friend!

  11. It's wonderful.
    It's a testament to your sure sense of style that you are able to move things around your house and make them work.

  12. So pretty, Kim! I love how a duvet changes everything up! You put the room together so beautifully! I am in love with the sheep pillow...

  13. Your bedrooms are the best! Love those bird pictures!

  14. Your style has such a timeless quality Kim. The room is so fresh and welcoming. I have to say that my favorite detail is the cow print.
    The cow 's eyes look so kind.
    Sincerely, Nancy

  15. Great job! After traveling and all the excitement of being together this will be a relaxing breath of fresh air for your guests.