French Farmhouse Style Vignettes


Did y'all have a good weekend? I spent the whole weekend in my pajamas fighting a cold and I just didn't feel like getting dressed. I haven't had a cold in a long time. The mister got it first and shared it with me. Oh, and I have a stye on my eyelid, too. Yea, fun times. Also my mom was taken to the hospital yesterday as she woke up with swollen legs and trouble breathing. They are going to keep her there a couple of days till the swelling goes down and to run some tests. Other than that she has been doing so much better and with the correct meds her depression was gone.

I hope y'all don't mind some different posts while I'm taking it easy with this dang broken foot. I'm not one for teaching things since I don't think of myself as any kind of authority, but I thought I would share different decorating ideas with y'all by pulling from my archives. These will be new to some of my readers who haven't been here very long and I hope these give you some inspiration for your own home. 

Today it's all about French farmhouse style vignettes. 

I put together a vignette on the French Farmhouse Table after finding this pretty mason jar in Franklin, Tennessee a few years ago.

I gathered a vintage shopping basket and filled it with old bottles and a few flowers in this  Farm Table Decor Idea.

My smaller vintage breadboards gathered together in the kitchen. I always have fun displaying my vintage breadboards in different ways. I loved my breadboard gallery wall, but it had to go after adding the new trim in there.

I love combining items that I collect like I did in this vignette when I shared a new look in the breakfast room years ago.

Did you know vignettes are not just on top of tables? This grouping is also considered a vignette.

This was a simple vignette in the blue sunroom.

I love the vintage lidded baskets in the background and this vignette using a breadboard and a favorite enamelware pitcher filled with lavender in the sunroom.

This little wooden sheep that I found at the Country Living Fair a few years ago is a favorite to use in vignettes. This is in the front guestroom that has gone through changes since this shot in 2016.

I love to fill baskets or trays with items, too especially if it's sitting on an ottoman like this one that used to be in the sitting room.

Flowers are always great to add to a vignette like I did in on a guestroom sidetable.

So grab some items you collect and have on hand and put together some vignettes.
Of course they don't have to be French farmhouse items. Decorate in your style and create vignettes whether it's traditional, coastal, farmhouse, etc.

Here's to a great week!


  1. Precioso post!! La mesa de madera y las sillas amarillas le otorgan un toque de suave rusticidad al conjunto. Los frascos de vidrio con flores son los adornos mas sencillos y bonitos

  2. Hi Kim! I enjoyed your post and can certainly identify with you. I just went through a double hernia surgery on Wednesday, so I am moving very slowly and certainly don't feel like myself to say the least. Your photos are lovely and your home is both beautiful and unique. I hope that you are feeling better soon and take care of yourself!

  3. Always enjoy your home and great decorating tips. Get to feeling better soon.

  4. Kim, wishing you a speedy recovery!!! Love the vignettes!

  5. Get better and work on the stye....warm compresses and massage it.

  6. Your vignettes are always lovely and creative. Girl!! You have had a string of bad luck with health issues lately!! Get better soon.

  7. You are the queen of vignettes Kim! I want to make a bread board vignette like I may try copying that. Sheila

  8. I hope you are feeling better, Kim! Your vignettes are beautiful and really brighten up the dreary day we are having here. Enjoy your week!

  9. Beautiful vignettes Kim and I hope that both you and your mom are on the mend soon!

  10. Your vignettes look beautiful and you really have a eye for decorating.

    So sorry that you are under the weather. Stay warm and drink LOTS of liquid and rest the so important. Will say prayers for you mother that she will be well quickly.


  11. You really have an eye for detail. I love learning your tricks!

  12. With everything you've been going through the past few weeks and now a bad cold...I'm so impressed you're able to post inspiring ideas and pictures. Rest up!!! =)

    1. The problem is all I do is sit a lot which gives me lots of time to scroll on line and write posts. Thanks

  13. Those are fun, Kim. It is always fun to pull from the past for newer people and there is so much in blogland that even older posts look fresh again because people forget.

    I am sorry about the cold and the stye. UGH. I have had a cold for almost a week and I NEVER get colds..but this is hanging on- bad enough that I cancelled volunteering at the VA tomorrow so I don't make anyone else sick.

    Hope your mom is okay. So hard with aging parents and having to worry about them -especially when you don't feel all that great yourself. xo Diana

  14. Always enjoy seeing your vignettes!...Hope you are getting better each day and feel like being out of your jammies as I know how much you love to get out of the house and do things...Also, hope your mom gets some resolution to her new sounds like things may be getting better for her too!

  15. I love seeing how you group things together and you have gathered such a great collection of French things. Hope you feel much better soon, everything always seems to happen at once doesn't it, sending you huge hugs xx

  16. I just recently found your blog and I am sooo excited . My husband and I retired from Michigan and currently live in South Carolina but lean toward the French Country style decorating - What's with that ? !

  17. I'm sorry to hear about your mother but glad the medication is helping her depression. Chicken soup for the cold and a 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg will clear up the stye. I have no idea why but my grandmother gave it to me when I was a child and the stye was gone the next day. I have used it since with the same results. Hope you and your mother feel better soon.
    Enjoyed the vignettes!

  18. Lovely vignette inspiration! You've such talent to create interesting vignettes!