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It's the weekend! Any plans? My only plans are to see my mom either today or tomorrow. We try to visit her every other day now since I haven't been able to drive for over four weeks now. I went to the doctor on Thursday and the bone is showing a little new growth. I'm not in pain anymore so I graduated to a hard bottom orthopedic shoe. This thing is definitely not my style. I think I need to design some cute boots and shoes for broken feet. I've gone from a gray boot to an ugly black shoe and I don't go back for three more weeks. 😧

You'll find some inspiration below and here's to a great weekend!

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Porch Planters Inspiration




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  1. Hi Kim, I am glad to hear that you have some bone growth and are out of the cast and into the "Lovely" black shoe. I had to wear one for 5 months, so I can sympathize. My daughter said if I was still in it on Mother's Day we would have to bedazzle it! I was able to graduate to a sandal 2 days before.
    My plans for the weekend are to work on refinishing a french writing desk for my artwork. It has glossy red cherry stain on it right now and I am going to re-stain the top a more brown color and paint the bottom off white. I might do a little bit of antiquing or gilding over the paint, I am not sure at this point.
    Hope you continue to heal well.

    1. Thank you and I sure hope I am not in this thing for five months! Have fun painting.

  2. Oh boy....I'm sorry that you are going through this and hope that you find some cute and comfy shoes soon! Hugs

  3. Glad you have had bone growth and hope you get out of the ugly shoe soon! UGH! Hope your Mom is doing OK too!

  4. Glad to hear you have had some new bone growth! Hope you heal quickly and get back into your regular shoes again soon! Prayers for your mom, too! xo

  5. I love paintings and artwork that feature animals too, especially dogs and horses. I really like all your hunt scenes and really love the horse/blacksmith sign sitting on your buffet. Glad to hear that your foot is healing and hope that your mom is doing better.