A Recycled Chandelier


Four years ago I bought a new light to hang over the breakfast room table. That meant something had to be done with the old light that hung there. I didn't want to let it go so Mr. Savvy hung it in our small laundry room. It almost touched the top of the door and was too big for the room, but that is where it went. Well, the other day it dawned on me that the chandelier could be used somewhere else in the house and be seen instead of behind a closed door. So I had the mister take it down the other day and I checked my stash of paints to transform it to work where I had plans for it to hang.

This is the before. It's a pretty fixture, but the wrong color. I knew I could change it with paint.

Here is an old photo of the breakfast room when the chandelier hung there. It was replaced with the Ballard's lantern a few years ago.

I placed the chandelier and the ceiling cap on a drop cloth on my kitchen island and got started.

I have been using this jar of paint on several projects and still have some left. So this will be the first coat.

It looks really white, but it's more of an off white or bone color.

One coat down and I let it sit there for a day while I decided what to do next.

The next coat I painted on was one of the Miss Mustard Seed milk paints in Mora that I had leftover. I didn't get a picture of the bag and used it up. It's a very pale gray. It wasn't making much of a difference so I pulled out my next product.

I used this Dust of Ages powder by Amy Howard At Home. Normally you would use it on top of some wax, but I wasn't waxing the chandy. I was just using it to create more of a stone look. I wasn't sure it would work or not, but it did. I just brushed some of this on the wet milk paint and brushed and blended here and there.

I snapped this right after I added a dab of the powder to the top of the chandy so you can see the darker gray powder sitting there. Then I just blended it with the brush to achieve the look below it that I did first. I worked from the bottom to the top.

It has been hung in it's new space and I will show you soon if the rain ever goes away again.

Can you guess which room?

Se the reveal HERE.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Maybe a crazy guess but your outdoor room??

  2. I was thinking the first photo was the "after" because it was so pretty. But what you did is amazing. I have to get hold of this "Dust of the Ages" magic.

  3. I was never a fan of dust of ages until now. This is a much better way to use that stuff. It looks like stone for sure. Very creative :) I'm going to be trying this.

  4. Turned out great....hmmm...French guest room?

  5. You are so good with your painting skills and brave too! Looks great!!

  6. Kim you are the paint whisperer! Whatever you touch turns to magic! Love the new look of chandy! Can't wait to see where it will be going. Either outdoors or a guest bedroom or maybe the master bath?

  7. You've inspired me to get out my pot of Raw Silk and have a go at something. I love Dust of Ages, but really liked the Raw Silk look and might've gone that route. Can't wait to see how the chandelier looks all done up and hung...then I might change my mind again no doubt!

  8. It was so pretty before, as well as after! Wonder where it is?

  9. I am guessing the master bath that you are doing??? It looks beautiful! Have a happy 4th!

  10. Gorgeous! The Pergola? It will be beautiful no mater where it goes. Your creativity is inspiring.

  11. I've never heard of "Dust of Ages" but now I can think of several projects that I need to try it on! Can't wait to see this beauty in her new space!

  12. Woah! That is a great chandelier makeover! I love how you refinished it. Definitely pinning this so I can save:).....lots of projects are coming to mind!hehe

  13. So so pretty!! Have watched videos of Amy Howard using dust of ages, and have wanted to try it. Your chandelier turned out just beautiful!

  14. It looks really amazing after you added the aging powder.