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A lot has been accomplished in the master bath the last couple of days. Tub, shower, cabinets, sinks, cabinets,toilet, and floor tiles are all out of here. Hope y'all don't get tired of progress shots because that's about all I have to share right now except for one more summer bedroom coming your way. I hate when a project takes over most of the house, but it is what it is.

I guess we could use the stuff outside. 😐

At least all the stuff that was tossed out the window is tossed on the yard that doesn't do well because of all the shade.

Our carpenters hauled all the stuff off and brought back lumber to begin framing.

The new ceiling has been framed in.

The old chandelier will come down soon. We have to bring in a much taller ladder.

This is the new wall that straightens out the crooked cabinets and counter we had.

The pocket door has been framed and the track installed.

So in two days time the bathroom was gutted and framed!
It would be nice to keep going at this pace, but now we need the plumber to come do his part and he may be busy. Patience is not my virtue.

Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to check out all the inspiration below.

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished product, Kim. The tear out usually moves along pretty quickly but I get antsy waiting for the 'finish'. Hey- why not set up an outdoor bathroom as long as you have all the pieces in the yard to work with??? lol Just a thought! xo Diana

  2. It is fun watching the progress, though I know it is messy! Looking forward to seeing it all done.

  3. Kim, this may not be the time to say this (when works already begun), but I'm thinking that space above where the new ceiling is would make a great storage area if the ceiling of the bathroom is strong enough to be the floor of the storage area! Is there a way to make a doorway going into that upstairs area above the new ceiling? Seems a great space for storing xmas trees, wreaths, etc. Just a thought while things are still in the beginning phase.

    1. Great idea, but we don't need more storage spots. We have too much stuff already that needs to be cleaned out.

  4. You are moving along so quickly!....Looking good!

  5. OMG Kim. I posted my current and hopeful master bath plans and I joked about tossing the tub out the window? I also suggested to husband we use the tub as a future in ground pond! ha! Does the tub get hauled to the dump? laura

  6. love and need the sectional. laura

  7. So much fun to follow along! I am sitting here waiting on a plumber who has promised for the past 3 days to arrive! We had an electrical storm last Sunday that did a lot of damage and one thing that was knocked out was the ice maker in the fridge!

  8. It is going to be beautiful! I am amazed that so much got done in 2 days!!!

  9. Such a big job! Looking forward to seeing it come together!

  10. Looking good. I totally can relate to your reno with mine going on. Patience is the name of the game and not my thing either. I cannot wait to see this finished.

  11. I am dreaming of the day that we can take our 90s jetted tub out. However, throwing in three stories might be a problem :-0 Love following along.