Master Bath is Ready for Drywall


The bathroom reno has been buzzing right along, albeit not quick enough for me, with the plumbing and electrical installations. We let the professionals do the plumbing as there was a lot of things moving for the new layout. Mr. Savvy knows how to do plumbing, but I'm glad he let the professionals handle this big job.

Here are this weeks progress shots.

Looking in from the bedroom you see the new shower with the knee wall and plumbing moved to the opposite side from where it was.

The insulation we had installed when we built the house 22 years ago is cellulose. It was more costly upfront, but it paid for itself and then some. That plus the geothermal cooling and heating system we have been green for many years with very low power bills for a house our size. Our average bill in the hot summer is $275 a month and it's much lower to heat.

The plumbing for the vanity had to be moved for both sinks. The cabinets will now have drawers so the old plumbing was in the way where the divider wall has to go for the drawers.

There was much talk and measuring to get the pipes ready for the bathtub faucet.

It will be so nice to have a straight vanity and it will be the new higher size than what was standard 22 years ago. You can see the shape of the old one where they sprayed them white years ago.

Mr. Savvy is certified to do electrical so he has worked on that on and off for days and it is finished.

We still have one of the old bathroom lights temporarily hanging so that there is light to work with.
He installed one canned light over each sink and over the shower and then the sconces will hang by the mirrors over the vanity, too. The box by the temporary light is for the new chandelier. The vanity lights and chandelier will be on dimmers  as I think it may be a bit bright without one.
The chandy arrived yesterday it is beautiful. The mister said it is fancy.

Next up is the drywall and I hope they show up soon!


  1. Wow. The room is going to be amazing!!

  2. Things are moving along. fondly ~ lynne~

  3. Always progress when the dust settles a bit and you can start to see the room take shape. Can't wait to see it all come together.

  4. I can't wait to see the NEW bathroom, it is going to be beautiful! We had geothermal in the last house and it sure is alot less expensive. That wasn't an option here though. Hope you are having a good weekend. How is your foot?????

  5. Question, what's the best lighting for the area where you apply your make up? I had can lights installed when I did some updating a few years ago. But I got cheap and didn't listen to my contractor. I have a flush mount ceiling fan and 2 can lights. He suggested 3 to 4. Now I feel like I don't get enough light in my vanity area. So I often go back and forth between my husband's sink/bathroom and my area. I added a lamp but the lighting is just not right.

  6. Love seeing the progress with your master bathroom reno. It is amazing all the plumbing and electrical changes and work when doing this kind of project. I am right there with you. Your bathroom will be so wonderful.

  7. So much progress! And once the drywall is there, it'll definitely look like a room.

  8. Oh my goodness, you gutted it down to the bare bones! It's going to be an amazing bathroom, so exciting! And how awesome that Mr. Savvy is a certified electrician, he rocks! :D