Today I'm sharing the heirlooms I got from my Dad's house, but a little back story first.
Two weeks ago we had to make a trip to Florida to clean out what we wanted from my dad's house. There are grown step kids involved as my dad had remarried years ago and she passed away a few years ago. As many have had to deal with wills and estates and who gets what it's even more messed up when there are two different families involved. We thought before my step mom and dad passed away that it was all split a certain way and a done deal. Well, no, things were changed. So after we have been waiting for months for our legal council to tell us when we could do anything about the estate all of a sudden we are being told by the other side that we had to be at the house at a certain time and we had to clean the house out as they were putting the house on the market soon. We knew they got the house as it was in their mother's name and for some reason we got all the contents. This wasn't easy to put together on such short notice. We all had to make arrangements and rent a truck and trailer as there was my dad's boat and vehicles that had to be brought back, too. In the end we were there when we were supposed to be and we cleaned out and brought back what we wanted. We unloaded different loads at different homes and a lot of the stuff landed in our garage. We haven't had time to go through it and to put things where they need to go, but hopefully very soon. We didn't get to our house until 10:30 pm on that Sunday night two weeks ago and we were exhausted. So here is what my garage looks like at the moment and some of the pieces that will be coming inside.

Mr. Savvy's car has been moved out and all this has moved in.

The tarp was protecting a piece of furniture while the bathroom tile was being cut out here. My dad had lots of tools and two and three of some things. There are two weed trimmers exactly alike on the floor there and we aren't sure why he had two unless maybe one doesn't work. There are several tool boxes on wheels, table saws, sanders, drill press, etc. My dad was very organized unlike me. I didn't inherit that gene.

So what's under the tarp?

This beauty! I believe this may have been my grandmother's as she had a home full of beautiful antiques and my dad inherited some of them when she passed.

 Dovetailed drawers.

The wood is beautiful. I'm not good at knowing what different woods are, but maybe it's walnut?

This is another smaller chest and it will go between....

.....these twin beds. These headboards are so pretty and these were the beds my grandparents slept in.
I will order box springs and mattresses soon.

I also brought this old trunk home. I remember how much I liked this when I saw it in my dad's home here in Atlanta years ago. 

With the bathroom remodel going it is hard to concentrate on all this stuff, but we have got to get this mess cleaned up. The tools will go down to Mr. Savvy's other garage and those furniture pieces will be brought in eventually. Some stuff will be donated.

I hope any of you who have elderly parents and especially with blended families will talk to them about what happens with their estates after they are gone and make sure it is all legally done in writing.

Happy weekend!


  1. I know that is so hard, especially on top of losing your father. You have some beautiful pieces here, though. That chest of drawers is stunning. I hope you have a good (and relaxing!) weekend.

  2. Hi Kim
    Love this post! Thank you! laura

  3. Those twin headboards are beautiful!

  4. The furniture is beautiful. We were lucky, no blended family here. Just us 5 sisters, sitting on Mom and Dad's bed, drawing straws for sentimental pieces. I know that must have been stressful for you and your family.

  5. Beautiful pieces. The chest of drawers and headboards are especially lovely.

  6. Sorry for what you've gone through with the estate :( The new furniture pieces are going to look beautiful in your home.

  7. So very true!! Encouraging parents to set things up beforehand helps. Otherwise for those left behind its overwhelming...which it is anyway with dealing with grief....
    And by the same token, we right now need to make written legal plans for stuff that's important and leave behind no questions....

  8. Oh Kim...fortunately my hubby was his mom's only. He did have 3 half siblings (one is deceased, the other two much older and dealing with the recent passing of their spouses). While we cleaned all the important stuff out back in March after her passing, we too still have to finish with the attic and garage space. We just signed the contract with the realtor to list the house. One of the things we asked was that we be given time to clean out if the house should sell. It's 800 miles away!
    And I wholeheartedly agree, if you have aging parents TALK to them about their wishes. Make sure it is in writing and legally binding. In my husband's line of work we have seen all to often the pain, heartache and division among families dealing with an estate can cause. At the time families should be coming together. It really is sad.

  9. Yeah~ blended family estates can be sticky! Hopefully you guys will find a positive outcome and still be "family" in the end!
    Beautiful pieces~lucky YOU!
    Hey Kim~those tool boxes/chests are a great way to organize collected hardware for future changes, and electrical stuff for altering lamps and chandys! They're not just for "tools!"
    I have 2 enormous rolling chests that organize my saws and sanders/sand paper, nail guns.... And drawers full of hardware, hinges, wheels....
    It's a sickness~there's no vaccine! ; D

  10. It's difficult enough to lose a parent but to deal with an estate on top of it makes it really stressful! It's so important to have things in writing and most especially with blended families! You sure have a lot going on right now. I hope when the renovation is finished that you and Mr. Savvy can take a little break and relax. Those are beautiful pieces! I know you will do something fabulous with them! The trunk and bed are gorgeous! Take care and have a great weekend Kim!

  11. Kim,
    You inherited some beautiful pieces...especially love the twin beds! Yes, can be very difficult when there are blended families and then even more difficult when you think things are split a certain way to find out that's not the case.

    Yes, as many have said its important to talk with parents about these issues but in many cases its like talking to a wall. Some parents are very secret and protective about their money, belongings and wills . This where it can get difficult for adult children and getting parents to share. They can also be very bad about making a will and never thinking they have to update it when there are life changes that occur such as a death, marriage, divorce, etc.

  12. I'd have grabbed that trunk too! I imagine we'll be seeing you break out the paint. Can't wait to see! One thing I would mention: Year ago moved into a house and the garage was full for the first four days. Within that time, we had an electrical fire in the midst of a snow storm. The firemen couldn't get to the breakers in the garage. Just a word of caution if yours is in there.

  13. Always hard to lose a parent, under the best of circumstances, and I so very sorry for your loss. Blended families, especially when they don't blend well, can make it much harder. I'm glad you were able to get those beautiful twin headboards with their precious memories attached. Trunks are so wonderful! They hold so much and looks so great in any room. I'm sure you will find the perfect place for all these treasuers>

  14. Some years back, my sister's brother in law passed away, so my sister's hushand put all of his brother's belongings in their garage. Then within less than a year my sister's mother in law passed away... so her husband put all of his mother's belongings in their garage.... then in another year my sister's husband passed away....My sister was left with so much STUFF in the garage! She had to go through everything and either throw it away or sell it. Took a long time for the garage to return to normal. How stressful for you to have to make arrangements to bring it all home in such a limited amount of time. Hope all settles down soon. xox

  15. Well I will make you feel a little better. You are actually coming along pretty well (time wise) it seems. I was POA and Executor of my grandmother's estate. She passed away February 1 2016. Yes, I said 2016. She and my grandfather had everything in order. However, my grandmother developed Alzheimers and we moved her into an assisted living facility. I always assumed the will I had was the original, along with my POA and healthcare paperwork. HOWEVER, she apparently had the original and I had a copy. We had already emptied out the house when this was discovered. My sister, brother and I inherited the house and started renting it out last June (after emptying, cleaning and some minor work to the house). The money left to the grandchildren (me, my siblings and two cousins) had to be probated. For some reason the house did not. Anyhoo, fast foward and we have been to Probate Court once where I was approved as Executor and it was approved to follow the copy of the will. WHEW!! I go before the judge again next month and hopefully that will be the end of that. Hopefully after that time I can distribute proceeds and then be done with it! So we are now land-lords. LOL We will rent the house for a few years as it is near my dad (family acreage) and his is older. I have to be careful what kind of neighbor I give him! I am the one who has dealt with all that goes along with renting the house. It hasn't been too bad, but I look forward to the day we sell it. In the end you just do what your parents, grandparents (whoever) wanted things. There were hard feelings from our cousins, but I can honestly say that I have done everything they way my grandparents intended. I wish you luck and hope you are through with your dad's estate.

  16. Your inherited furniture pieces are lovely. They look like mahogany to me. A lot of truth in your post regarding parents and possessions. When we sold the farm after my mother became ill (my dad had died much earlier) we had a HUGE house to clean out AND barns and out buildings. It was so overwhelming! Luckily there were five of us to bear the burden. It was a good lesson in remembering that your possessions may become someone else's burdens. If you love your children, purge, purge, purge!

    1. So right! I inherited my parents' home and all it's stuff plus I had my own home and all my stuff! Fortunately we are a close family and I invited my brothers and their adult children to come and take what they wanted. There were no disagreements about who or what. But now I'm left purging and blending my stuff with what I kept of theirs. And my daughter (an only child) keeps reminding me she won't want any of it! So I keep purging!

  17. Beautiful pieces! Love the stories behind furniture.

  18. Welcome to the world of estate settlements...was in the business professionally for some years..your situation is so common. Don't know why parents don't make things official...I think they don't want to hurt feelings of family members...its just stuff so they think...legal battles for everybody. So, folks don't let another day go by without putting everything on paper and making it legal...it even helps to tell your children what has been decided and done.

  19. Beautiful furniture pieces that I know will be a great addition in your home with many memories for you.

    I live in FL and if you don't mind my asking where your father's home is located? We've owned many homes and I always have an eye out for the next. Thank you!! (I do understand if you do not wish to share the location)

  20. Money wise the house may be worth a lot more, but maybe not in memories. The furniture pieces will look beautiful in your home. Love the twin headboards. So sorry you are going through this. My brother and sister-in-law are in bad health. They have 3 grown kids and I wonder how things will go with them. I would love to have something that was my parents that my brother has or something as a reminder of him. I don't think I will ever feel like I can ask though.

  21. Hi Kim,
    I bet it is hard when you have blended families involved. That had to be soooo stressful to go on short notice and then have to bring things back in a small window of time. That dresser is gorgeous and love the trunk too. Glad you got some heirlooms.

  22. Those are some great pieces, Kim. We went through a similar thing with our family. A will got changed at the 9th hour and left one whole side of the family with nothing. Not good- but it is what it is--Just sad that people get so greedy. I hope things smooth out and you can get things sorted out -physically and emotionally-- and move forward. Hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana

  23. Been down that road Kim when we moved my mom out of her home about 8 years ago into assisted living but it involved blood siblings. My "normal" sister and her husband, myself and my husband spent 7 weekends clearing out the house before an estate sale but before that happened our "other" sister snuck in with a Uhaul and began taking things out unauthorized. I was/am the POA and I had requested that we all 4 siblings make it known what we'd like and we'd divide things up in an acceptable manner. I found out about her bringing in the Uhaul from my realtor friend who saw her and called me. She had already made off with a huge amount of things, many of which were not designated for her. I had the locks changed on the house but she came back again and was peeking in the windows trying to get in! I'll stop there b/c there were many more instances of things she did before I could put a stop to it and believe it or not she was very indignant and defensive when confronted. She also questioned my handling of the money...which was very offensive to me. Anyway, I said all of this to say I think this happens to a lot of families and its a sad day when it happens.

    I still have a lot of mom's things stored here at our house and some down in a country house we have. It takes a long time to go thru things and determine what to keep and what to sell/donate.

  24. It's always difficult when someone passes away and there's a large family. My father had a very hard time with his brothers and sisters when their mother passed away. In time you'll get to appreciate the fact that the pieces you brought home were kept rather than sold.

  25. My mother is 91. She recently told me she is going to just leave it all to my brother and I and not worry about it. I live in the same state but two hours away. My brother lives 8 hours away. It will be a nightmare. I swear that I won't do that to my children.
    You have some nice heirlooms .

  26. Love those twin beds. They're gorgeous. I inherited some vintage twin beds too and had to get new box springs and mattresses. Then I had to exchange the box springs for the low profile version because the first ones made the beds seem so high and narrow they felt like operating tables!

  27. So glad that you have some pieces that were special to your family. Love what you are able to take home and care for and then pass down to your family.

  28. We have cleaned three relatives homes within a year and it is hard to part with things. All three relatives lived through the war so they saved everything! I can now see why people hourd. My home is overflowing with furniture from their homes. It is a hard emotional time. Give yourself time to grieve and wait to place things in your home. God comfort and bless you during this time.

  29. Your doing well considering. My mother passed 7 years ago. She had so many fine pieces from Llardro figurines from Spain to Lenox collections. Many complete dish sets. And about 12 king size complete bedding sets!! 47 years for world trips and a bizillion family photos. Not to mention jewelry
    This January my dad passed and I had to close the house. My husband and I live in a small condo. I had to make quick decisions and get rid of so much. In the end I rented 2 shortage units. I'm slowly selling items I just needed time with. I'm downt
    to 1 unit now. But its just a matter of looking as things differently. But give it time.
    Oh and add to it all, my sister stole his credit cards and rand up $18,000 in charges. I wish you peace