One Last Time To Shop My Favorite Place


When I got a short break from packing up things in my dad's house last Saturday I had to shoot over to Antiques On Holiday that is just a couple of blocks from his house. Every summer when we visited him I would shop at this wonderful antique shop. Since we probably won't be returning down there again, unless we go to the beach there, I had to shop there one last time. I took some pictures with my phone of some of the goodies they carry. The bottom floor are mostly pieces that they go over to Europe to shop for and ship back and the upstairs has rented booths from locals.

The cutest vintage French child's chair in this pretty blue gray velvet.

This was listed as an old oval wooden vent. It's such a great architectural piece.

I love these old cloches, but they are always so pricey.

Great tian bowls and I bought the one I have here last year.

Here are two couples waiting to be adopted.

They had several of these old altar sticks, but I just can't seem to spend what they want on them. Maybe some day I'll find a bargain or will just bite the bullet and spend it.

Framed vintage swim suit.

I saw several scales around the store.

Great old table with the marble top.

So many unique things are in this place and I wish I had longer to look.

There were several of the roe deer antlers around the store, but I have enough. These had nice plaques, but not the old hand carved oak ones like I collect.

Lots of old paintings, but gosh they want a lot for them.

Nice coral and I loved the table it's resting on.

More architectural pieces and the top one must have been in the weather much more than the bottom one.

Looking under the tables I found these old demijohns. You have to look up and below and behind things.

I purchased one thing. Well, at first I left empty handed, but had to go back. I will share it soon or if you follow me on instagram you already know what it is.

Also be sure to follow along on Instagram for the bathroom progress. Things are moving along again.

Also we just left miss Bailey at the vet again so prayers and well wishes needed. Upset belly and a high fever which she has never had before.


  1. What a fabulous shop. Glad to hear things are moving along with the renovation again. So sorry to hear about Miss B...prayers!!

  2. Beautiful shop! Yes some of the antiques are pretty pricey! Prayers for sweet Miss Bailey!

  3. Oh no! Poor Miss Bailey! Maybe it is something viral? I hope you get (good) news soon. It's so hard when our babies are not feeling well. Mine is getting ready to start physical therapy. ACL surgery on one hind leg 8 months ago and now - you got it - same thing with other back leg. Thankfully we live near a veterinary teaching school with a renowned physical therapy department so we are going to give it a try. Prayers for Miss Bailey!

  4. What a wonderful shop! I could spend hours there. Hope Miss Bailey feels better soon.

  5. I love the shop...looks like it would be fun to explore!
    Hope your Miss Bailey is better soon...horrid when pups hurt....

  6. Stunning, so many special pieces, love the medallion. Great post.

  7. O M G!!!
    Were the Caryatids for a fireplace surround~I was trying to gauge their size by the things around them!!! And the cartouches were aMAZing!
    Just guessing, the prices were as awesome as the pieces~ right?!?

    1. I didn't even know what they are called. You know more than I do. They were as tall as me and I didn't even check the price. Yes, high prices at this place. I have found some bargains though on smaller pieces.

  8. Love that shop! I need to post the pics I took. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.

  9. Oh, my goodness, my favorite place to shop in Destin! One of my favorite vendor displays her french religious pieces there that I drool over every single time......hmmm...the little french chair would have had to come home with me! I hope you went back and got it!

  10. Oh my this place looks dangerous! I could get in a lot of trouble there. Prayers for Miss Bailey. I know how hard it is when your pup is sick.

  11. So many amazing things and I'm looking forward to seeing what you did purchase. Hope Bailey feels better soon!

  12. Very interesting place! Beautiful pieces!!

  13. Thinking of Miss Bailey. Hope she recovers asap and gets to come home.

  14. I am afraid I wouldn't want to leave that many wonderful things! I am so glad you went back for the child's chair! Well wishes for Miss Bailey!

  15. Sorry Miss Bailey is sick.Hope she gets better quickly.
    The MB is going to be wonderful.
    "if" you go to the beach, why would you go anyplace but the panhandle of Florida? The prettiest and nicest sand ANYWHERE.

  16. Oh I spy lots of great things! I knew you could not resist that chair. I think it would look great in your bathroom!!

  17. That chair!!!! I sure hope Miss Bailey is ok!!

  18. Oh what a fun place to shop!!!! I hope nothing major wrong with Miss Bailey