Why I Love Decorating With Cows


If you have been a reader of my blog for any length of time then you know I use cows in my decor whether it's paintings, figurines or even pillows. Why do I love decorating with cows? I don't know. I'm just drawn to them and my motto is to decorate with what makes you happy and you will love your home. I probably shouldn't love cows in my decor so much since I remember when Mr. Savvy and I were dating and he was living with his dad on a farm occasionally the cows would get out and he would have to get them back in. A couple of times this happened when we were supposed to go out on a date. I was not pleased with those cows, but now I love them in my decor.
Oh, and one time years ago when we got home from church we had cows in our backyard eating our monkey grass or lirope that was out back at the time. They were pulling it up and chowing down. I was like, uh dear, we have cows in our backyard.

This cow painting from Ballard's is a favorite and it has moved to the breakfast room, but may move back here. See more of this room and my tips for a comfortable guestroom.

My cows move from room to room just like they move from pastures to yards. This painting has moved from one guest bedroom to another.

Many ask me where this painting is from. It came from Antique Farmhouse a few years ago. I have actually seen it in antique malls and fairs so maybe y'all can locate one.

My only and favorite cow pillow is put away for the summer, but will probably show up somewhere when the fall decorating begins. I have many ask where they can get one. I got mine at wholesale, but you can buy one retail here. See more of this room from this French Country Fall Tour.

This is my big bold and colorful cow. I'm not using him at the time, but I still have him.

I love this cow painting basically where ever I hang it. This is when it was in the master bedroom.

This bull figurine is one of my favorites. The poor fella has fallen and broke numerous times and the mister keeps gluing him back together.

This pair of prints hangs in a guest bedroom and have been in this spot for years. 😉

An update on Miss Bailey:
Hopefully she comes home today. All her blood work was perfect so it seems to be viral.

My son and family will be arriving this afternoon to stay the night and then we carry them to the Atlanta airport to send them off to Italy for them to visit my daughter in law's family. The house is a total dusty wreck, but it is what it is as Mr. Savvy would say.

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. I love all your sweet cows. My grandparents had a farm, and it was filled with cows! My husband and I live in the country, and sometimes when I go for long walks, I pass a whole field of them. Can't wait to see how your bathroom comes together. Enjoy your family.

  2. They are family, dust won't matter. Glad you will get to spend some time with them. So good to hear about Miss Bailey! I said a prayer for her this morning and I was wondering if she might have picked up something at the kennel? We had a few cases of the dog flu here in our area.

    I'm not a cow person. We live in an area with lots of farm animals, etc. and that's what I think of when I think of cows. LOL But I agree - decorate with what you love! Enjoy your family time!!

    1. I even asked the vet when he called yesterday if it could be the dog flu and he said that's respiratory and he has not seen a single case there.

      I hope she comes home this afternoon and yes, I think she picked up something there, but they aren't going to ever admit that.

  3. My grandmother had a farm and lived across the road from us. Of course I'd rather be on the farm than at home. My friend Becky and I loved to go down to the creek to play, in order to get back to the farmhouse, we had to cut through the cow pasture. They always chased us, which was terrifying, and to get away we had to run like the wind and then shimmy through a barbed wire fence. Terrifying! A few years ago I was telling my uncle (who ran the farm) about this. He said, "All you had to do was stop ... they would have stopped too." And I was like oh great, no you tell me! I love your first picture with the navy coverlet and cow pic.

  4. I love all of your cows. Glad to hear Miss Bailey is doing better!

  5. I've always loved cows and I adore your paintings! My grandparents lived on a dairy farm in upstate New York when I was little and I feel in love with cows at their farm.

  6. I think I need a cow too! Just one but it would make me smile. I think cows have the sweetest faces and their noses just beg to be kissed. :)

    Here's a cow story for you...when I was in college my parents were building a house in the country. Before the house was even finished they bought cows but there was no fence to keep them away from the house. One day I came home before everyone else. When I walked in their was giant plop on the wood floors, scratches, flies in the house, etc. I thought the dog had gone insane or something. Turned out the cows had pushed open one of the doors on the wrap around porch and spent the day in the house!! That is a true story and the visions will never vanish from my brain.

  7. I love all of your cow pictures. You have hooked me on looking for them too. I have 3 paintings now, but I only buy if I absolutely love them. Thank you so much because they make me smile each time I look at them. Hugs,

  8. Your cows are all perfect in your beautiful home. So glad to hear Miss Bailey is getting better. Enjoy your family! Joe's brother and SIL are arriving here tonight for the weekend but it is not a visit we are looking forward to:( But we will make the most of it.

  9. Can't imagine coming home and seeing cows in your backyard! ... and I complain about the deer??!!....You have a great collection of cow art and you display them so beautifully!

  10. P.S. Have fun with the grands and glad Bailey is feeling better!

  11. I love your cow obsession. Mine is roosters. I think when you add a nice collection of one theme it makes your home seem so cozy and sweet. I love all your cows, and your home is so lovely.

  12. Love your cows! You would love living in WI where there is a cow on every corner (well not in town--but just outside of the city limits). lol I grew up on a farm and loved it---but oh! When the cows would get out that would be a JOB to round those suckers up and get them back inside the fence or barn!

    Enjoy the visit with your kids. Does your daughter-in-law still blog? I know she used to and she was pretty crafty/creative if I remember correctly.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  13. In the pasture next to ours, there is a large cow population and they have been known to escape to my front yard before! They can destroy some plants in no time. I love your cow art. I am glad Miss Bailey is coming home!

  14. I love everything and every room you decorate! Just Beautiful and well put together! Perfection!

  15. Glad you can spend a little time with your son and family.Love all farm animals so I'm crazy about your cows! Hope Miss Bailey comes home and is lots better.

  16. I love cows also. I have the big white cow you got from Ballard's hanging in my guest bathroom. Decorate with what you love is exactly right.