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For days I truly thought the Atlanta area might not have any impact from hurricane Irma, but now it looks like it is headed our way, but of course not with the fury it will have on Florida.We have been told that we could have some severe wind gusts and possible power outages so like everyone else I went to the store to stock up on mostly non perishables like bread, peanut butter, chips, cookies, deviled ham, and more junk. As I was strolling through the bakery department I came across this cookie and just had to take a picture of it. Yes, it says it right there....Go Away Irma!

While the weekend weather is still nice I'm going to enjoy it and I hope everyone stays safe from this storm. If you aren't in it's path and need some inspiration I hope you visit the links below.

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  1. Hi Kim, Praying Irma stays clear of yours and many other towns. I'm still hoping she just turns around and heads back to where she came from. Hoping you son't need your back up food.
    Theresa from Shoestring Elegance

  2. Deviled ham? Ugh. LOL Sounds like quite the junk-fest (feast?)!! We are supposed to get some of Irma I believe Tuesday, rain and high winds. We have a generator and can use the grill if need be. Of course it will be much weaker here. So worried for those in Florida and other areas. The devastation on the islands is heart-breaking. This is prime time for vacays on our southern beaches and we have several friends who have cancelled/changed plans. My sister and her husband have a home in Mt. Pleasant, so I know they are anxious! Prayers for all in Irma's path.

  3. The Weather Channel is saying that Irma could gain strength as she plows through the warmer waters. Praying this won't happen. We may see bad weather in the Nashville area, so I'm buying extra candles and batteries. Hope you are safe.

  4. I think we are ready here in NW Georgia. Just a few things to move into the garage. Stay safe!

  5. Love that cookie!!!....Yes, go away into the ocean Irma! I have stocked up on supplies but seems like we won't get too much of the hurricane as it shifted a bit to the west...I just worry about my Florida family and friends who are hunkered down...Again, love your mantel!

  6. Prayers for your family as you ride out this storm! Hope the storm moves away from you. 💕