Simple Ways I Add Fall Around My Home


It's Labor Day and that unofficially marks the start of fall for me. This has been one scorching hot and humid summer and I have avoided the outside as much as possible except for the days I work in the yard. I cannot believe it's time to start talking about fall and adding it in our homes, but I am so ready for the cool down and the smell of dead leaves in the air. Yes, I love that smell that the air takes on when the leaves have fallen. I have slowly started to add fall decor to a couple of rooms and can do more once all the bathroom remodeling boxes and tools move out of the other rooms. They are slowly being emptied.

Here are some simple ways I have added fall around my home in the past.

 I love using apples this time of year inside and out. This was on my fall deck last year.

I love filling large bowls with them like I did in the sunroom two years ago.

Bowls, or a candle holder in this case, filled with acorns and I bring out the squirrels.

Use fall colored leaves. I added these faux ones that look so real to this vintage pack basket in the great room in 2015.

Of course some pumpkins and gourds get brought in. This large blush colored one was placed in my concrete urn and topped with a vine for added texture. I like adding more texture as the weather cools down.

I love going to the pumpkin farm to find these different colored varieties. Just tuck one in a basket for a fall vignette....

.....or set them on a stool or a stack of books. Anything goes.

 I like to change some of the pillows up to darker colors and heavier textures.

And some pillows might have pumpkins on them. Throws come out when it cools down, too.

Use dried flowers such as these hydrangeas and roses. Put them in a bowl, vase or another vessel.

Go outside with some clippers and cut some branches and tuck them in a piece of pottery. I cut crape myrtle branches last year and tucked them in this confit pot. They lasted a few days and then got a bit messy.

Hope y'all are enjoying the extended holiday weekend!


  1. Kim, it has been incredibly hot and humid here as well. I too am looking forward to crisp morning walks with the scent of an early morning fire wafting through the air. The crunch of leaves under my feet and the wind chimes tinkling at night.

    I love your touches of Fall. I personally decorate with apples, pears, pumpkins, pine cones, acorns and leaves. I also bring out the plaid throws and down blankets for the pups who have their beds moved before the fireplace in the Fall and winter so that while we work they are toasty warm.

    Have a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing your new bathroom!


  2. We have been lucky this year - our summer was not bad at all. We had less days in the 90s. Still it will be warm here for a while and I don't put out fall decorations till October. I haven't seen pumpkins here yet. I do pumpkins, cornstalks, etc. outside. I use very little of that indoors (maybe on table centerpiece). I change out pillows, add throws, candles, etc. We're hanging on the summer here and outdoor activities as long as we can. Hoping for a mild winter too as I cannot bear to not get outside. We are lake loving, camping (rv) loving, outdoor loving people! LOL (PS My favorite fall activity is fires in the firepit!) Now off to enjoy the day! Hope everyone is doing something FUN!!!

  3. Easy, yet beautiful ways to add Fall. I do similar things, stacks of books in brown covers, pumpkins in bowls, etc. It's fun, but I'm trying to go a little less minimal this year. I tell you a month in the hospital and 3 often fatal diseases all at once, will certainly slow you down. Hope your week is great! Great ideas you've shared!

  4. All of your fall decor is so charming, Kim. Seeing it this morning makes me just yearn for crisp fall weather! It's just around the corner!

  5. I love the blush pumpkins. Are they the faux ones or the real deal? Your post has inspired me to start doing some fall tweaking!

  6. I just saw "new harvest" apples at the market. And pumpkins. I even bought one for making tomato sauce (gives it sweetness and vitamins).
    Is it really fall? I'm not ready for winter. Can we stop the clock please?

  7. Love that you mix natural elements with beautiful vintage items for your seasonal decor...and one day when you are not looking I will snatch that apple/fruit picking bucket from your hands! Happy Labor Day! I know you have been laboring a lot around the house lately!!

  8. Very pretty! I don't decorate for fall since I live in So Cal and "fall" is usually hot! It's cooler today--only in high 80's however the humidity makes it feel at least 3 degrees hotter. That's better than the 100 + of last week!

  9. Beautiful autumn inspiration, Kim! I love using apples in autumn vignettes!

  10. I was just looking at my crepe myrtle today and thinking about cutting some branches for inside. Love your fall touches.

  11. The basket of leaves is very appealing.

    Do you have any idea what the title of the painting of the boy in the red jacket with the puppy is? Artist? I've had a print of it since I was a teenager, lo those many, many years ago, and it's fading badly. I would like to replace it, but don't have the specifics.

    1. No, I don't have any info on that painting. I know it is very popular though. I got that so cheap at a flea market and just knew it was perfect for my room.

    2. I believe it is titled 'French Boy With Dog', painted by C. Bremont during the 1800's. (per Google search) It really is a lovely painting.

  12. It's been so hot here in the Pacific NW lately that I am trying to decorate for Fall but it's tough when it's 100 degrees! Love the apples in wood bowls, thank you for the wonderful inspiration :)

  13. Kim, all your fall touches make me want to pull out some fall here. It's just so hot still and with the flooding in Houston my mind has been on family. You are inspiring me. Perhaps this weekend I'll move in that direction. '-)

  14. Absolutely gorgeous photos! We really don't have fall here in Waco. It's just a little less hot. Lol! Thanks for sharing your touches of fall!