This and That


It has been one busy week around here so today I'm sharing this and that to show you some fall peeks and what I'm working on now besides the master bathroom which is almost ready to use. Haleighuia!
The week started off with tropical storm Irma approaching us and boy did it get worse as the day went on. Now my view through the sunroom windows has changed a bit and will change even more.

Yep, one tree uprooted and fell against two more trees and one of those trees is uprooted, too so we will probably have to have all three cut and removed. We are on our tree guy's list for him to get to us as soon as he can and tree labor is so dang expensive. Cha ching!

I have been adding fall layers in the bedrooms since I love changing them up and I am loving how they are all coming together. Layers and texture is the name of the game.

Can y'all believe the plumbers called first thing Monday morning and asked if they could come work. What, with Irma coming? Are y'all crazy? Of course we said sure, come on! We both want this bathroom finished!!

So they worked on installing all the faucets and the toilet and were having to go in and out of the rain all day and the gusting winds. I just knew the power would go out, but we were very lucky having it stay on.

They didn't finish on Monday and returned on Tuesday, but they got their part all done.

I have started working on adding the twin beds in the bonus room. The queen bed was given away and I have been waiting for stuff I ordered to come in. I need Mr. Savvy to attache the rails to the headboards that don't exactly fit correctly, but I'm sure he will figure something out. One headboard is about two inches wider than the other one and I'm not sure why. I wonder if my grandparents had these custom made and requested one be wider. I guess I'll never know.

I ordered neutral bedding on sale from Serina and Lily whom I don't normally shop with because of the prices, but this sale was really good. I will add pops of color with some cute pillows. I found these striped covers deeply discounted and on final sale at Pottery Barn. They were $49 marked down to $14. Now, that's my kind of bargain.

I had ordered the pick stitch quilts in ivory, but they were too yellow for the bedding so they went back and I bought the tan color which will work out much better. At first I was a bit upset with my Serina and Lily order as only the duvet covers arrived. I waited a few days to see if the bed skirts and sheet sets would come, but they never did and I had no email from them either. I think a company with higher end prices should do better about keeping the customer up to date if the product isn't available. I called them and they told me the bed skirts were shipped with the duvet covers and I said no they did not come with those and I hadn't seen them. Then she said the sheet sets were over sold. Well, just let me know this. So she said I could pick new bed skirts out and sheet sets and she would adjust the price off. At first I was thinking I was going to get charged the difference, but no, they sold me the more expensive pieces at the same price. The new pieces were also sale pieces, but they were a bit more in price than what I originally ordered. Now, that is good customer service.

While I was in the bonus room taking the photos I decided to try this rug between the beds. This is how my mind works when I'm changing things. I saw the rolled up against the wall and then thought it might work. I don't know for sure if it will, but we will see.

I draped one of the pillow covers over the headboard just to see if the colors will work with the rug.
I also may removed the bird pictures as this is just the start of the do over.
I'm waiting on the box springs and mattresses to arrive.

First up is finishing the master bath and then I'll get back to this.
We have some touch up painting to do, cleaning the haze off the newly grouted tile wall and the mirrors and sconce need to be hung.

Well, this post was certainly all over the place, but now you know what's going on around here.

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Kim you are busy, busy!! Everything is looking great!

  2. Wow, you have a lot going on for sure! I really am going to like the twin beds in the bonus room. You have a great weekend too.

  3. You've been a busy lady!....Love the new projects you have been working on! So glad that the tree did not land on the house or the garage!!!

  4. We learned at our last house that the electric company will cut down trees for free if they are a threat to the power lines. I don't know if it will help you now, but you might keep that in mind for future. Your home is lovely as always. Looking forward to when you get full into fall decor!

  5. So sad about the trees. Such big ones are as old or even older than we are.
    You're lucky about the plumbers. They must be in the lull where people are waiting for their insurance claims to be processed. Just as well you got your project done.
    The "bonus" room is going to be beautiful.

  6. I think the pillow cover is great with the rug! I love those two beds too.

    So glad the trees didn't crash into your house and that the plumbers showed up. :)

  7. Sounds like fun times at your house! Love the bonus room changes you are making.

  8. Sorry to hear that you had 3 trees go down in your yard! I don't know how we were lucky enough to be spared, but we were! We have a heavy branch stuck in one that we have to remove but that's all besides the usual debris on the ground. Now we have to clean our windows and house. It just feels dirty after the storm. I like Dad's old beds in there. Do you know I have NO memory of those at all? It's like I'm seeing them for the first time! I know you will enjoy fixing up your guest room using them.

  9. Kim
    I was just reading back through your most recent posts and saw you were from Greensboro! Me too...what high school did you attend?

  10. Wow, it is all coming together so well. I love Serena and Lily but like you, gasp at the prices. However, when we were in the States I bought a duvet covet and matching pillow cases and nearly fainted at the cost. But I have to say it was a great investment, several years later, it is still looking fabulous and has lasted way longer than any other I have ever known and the quality is excellent.

  11. Everything is looking great. I am loving those twin beds in your bonus room. I cannot wait to see what bedding you got for them. Happy Friday and have a good weekend.