The New Bonus Room Guest Space with the Twin Beds


I had so much fun transforming the bonus room into a guest room space with the twin beds. When I brought home these twin beds from my dad's home I knew they were going to replace the queen size bed, but I didn't know the decorating would go towards kids. When I started looking for bedding and then adding the accessories it just went in the direction of a room for kids which would be our grand kids. Of course adults can sleep in here, too. Kids rooms are so much fun to decorate and I haven't done one in a long time. I love how this space turned out.

It isn't easy finding nice twin bedding that isn't covered in trucks and cars or pink and purple girly things. I finally found these cute large buffalo checked duvet covers at Serina and Lily. I don't normally shop this site, but they had a really good summer sale I took advantage of.

I had ordered the pick stitch quilts from Pottery Barn in ivory and they were way too yellow with the duvet cover. While returning them at the store I came across these colorful pillow covers that were deeply discounted in a clearance basket and they add just the right pop of color to the beds. Always check out the sale baskets at PB.

The dog in the truck painting moved in here. I think it has been in four different rooms now.
I always get asked about the ticking lampshades. Those are several years old from the PB outlet found for a song.

I picked up some books for the older grand kids at HomeGoods.

I have had the clock. I wonder if the kids can tell time the old fashioned way. Seems everything is digital these days.

I brought these paintings back out since they are child like and in cute colors.

My big psychedelic cow hangs on the wall across from the beds and one of my benches from France sits under it.

These old Dr. Seuss books are good for the younger grands who are just learning to read.

The sheets and bed skirt are also from Serina and Lily's summer sale. The pick stitch quilts from Pottery Barn are labeled as taupe, but look more tan to me.

This rug was rolled up and stored away and I decided it would be nice between the beds.

A spot to sit and read.

Little short legs can put their feed on the foot stool.

There are a couple of board games stored in a drawer in the chest between the beds. Candy Land was one of my favorites growing up. Do kids even play with board games anymore?
I picked up this new retro version of Candy Land at Toys R Us. The new versions of our old games are awful. Flimsy cheap stuff used now.

I am already scheming and planning the Christmas decor in here.

I hope there isn't any fighting over who gets to sleep in here.

See what the room looked like before in this post.

Have a fabulous week!


  1. The room looks so inviting. I bet the adults will want to sleep in there, too. My grandkids still play board games and they want us to play with them.

  2. Perfect! I love the way things find new life all around your home, Kim. I remember that art from when you first started blogging and I've always loved it. The room is fun and friendly...just perfect for kids of all ages.

  3. What a cute and fun space for the grandkids or other guests! I loved the room before but love this look too. Believe it or not my grandkids love playing board games but usually when we are up north in our camper. At home they are on their devices. Love all the books you added Nd that chair is perfect for reading. Love the French bench

  4. I may just have to sign up as one of your "grands"!!!!
    I always love your bedroom posts!!
    Just beautiful!!

  5. Oh, I'd be fighting over that room for sure!!! Love the big buffalo check duvet covers. I agree, most twin sized stuff is just too cutesy and obviously kid-ish to me. I had to laugh when I saw your hay rake (love it), but I was picturing kids jabbing each other with it :)

    1. Pam, I was thinking the same thing about the hay rake!! What a cute cute room tho!!!

  6. I've always loved rooms with twin beds. I myself have a full bed and don't want a queen. The room looks lovely as you are so talented with bedding!

  7. Love the neutral colors that can be accessorized seasonally.! The print with the dog in the old truck is so cute!! My 6 grandsons would be fighting over that room!!!!

  8. Such a beautiful and fun space for the grands and adults too! I love Candy Land!!...Great pillows...and yes, those clearance bins at PB are the best! ... So great to have your dad's beds put to good use...such great heirloom pieces!

  9. It turned out wonderful. Those headboards are so nice. I love all of the touches.

  10. Super cute room! I love the headboards,the ticking lampshades and buffalo check duvets are really handsome. My kids are grown but single but I still scheme about turning our bonus room into some kind of bunk room for future imaginary grandchildren.

  11. Beautifully done and thank you for sharing with us God bless

  12. Love your guest room created for the grandkids! They will never want to leave!

  13. It looks absolutely fabulous, they are going to love it and I really like the chest of drawers in the middle between the two beds. Fabulous room.

  14. I love the room and all the books, and board games!

  15. I loved these twin beds when you first showed a photo of them. This room turned out great for your grands or adults! It will be fun for the children to have a room of their own! Love it!

  16. I love your pretty twin beds for your grandkids! When I visited my grandparents I would get the couch or the floor! Your psychedelic cow painting is so fun! I am a sucker for cow paintings too.

  17. Absolutely kids still play board games. It's all in what their parents /grandparents / caretaker introduce them to at a young age, isn't it? Costco is selling retro board games as well. I couldn't put CLUE in my cart fast enough! LOL Looking forward to your Christmas decor! Cynthia

  18. I don't have any grandkids, but I'll bet that your's will love every special touch because it comes from the heart! Happy weekend Kim

  19. The room is adorable. I love the look of twin beds with a chest between them.